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Need some advise

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Hello people

My dad's got lung cancer, no idea what stage he's in (we haven't been told) but the tumours (one is 5cm the others smallers) are only in the lungs

A year ago he had it and had surgery and all was ok till last month He didn't go through chemo or radiotherapy at that time 'cos had lost a lot of weigh which he has gained back now

Yesterday morning he had the first chemo, with Carboplatino and Paclitaxel
He was ok till this morning when he started feeling nauseous, hasn't vomited

What shall I do? Tell him to try and eat even if he feels not to?
Or wait a bit till he feels like eating?
How long side effects last?

He weighs 61 kilos ( 130 libras I think) and is 1,73 tall (5.7 I think)
He's been like that all his life, a thin person

I'm really lost as you can see and even though we've asked the doc he's always in a hurry
And I know people react in different ways to chemo

Thank you so much!

PBJ Austin
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I am sorry for what you and your family are going through. Many of us on this board are facing similar circumstances.

My sister is battling cancer and sometimes she has no appetite. We do not push her to eat, however she does take an anti-nausea drug so maybe you should ask about that.

You said your doctor is always in a hurry and I know that's frustrating. By reading your text it seems you are not American, so please bear with me if medical staff in your country have different titles. In our country most docs have a nurse practitioner who is the right hand man/woman of the doc. If the doc won't take your calls or seems rushed, speak with the nurse practitioner or whoever is the docs' closest assistant.

Good luck and all the best to your family.

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Dear Zoe:

I am a 4 1/2 year lung cancer survivor and I went through surgery and subsequent chemo. Don't push your Dad to eat if he is not feeling well due to chemo. Try to ensure that he stays hydrated with plenty of fluids. Sometimes, very bland and soft foods will appeal to someone going through chemo. Chemo does affect a person's taste buds and sometimes makes all foods taste awful. Offer him anything that he may be in the mood to eat at that moment, no matter what.

Just stay by his side and let him know you love him very much. He needs to hear that you love him and that you are pulling for him to regain his health. I will pray that God gives your Dad the strength to go through his treatments and that He will guide your Dad's doctors to return him to full health.

All the best,


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My Dad is taking the same chemo. He is taking one more type that is a pill because they don't know the primary but they believe it is lung cancer. The doctor gave him some anti nausea medicine. We are trying to get him to eat a little before he takes any of his other medication. That seems to have helped some. My dad just started chemo last Monday so I don't know alot of what side effects he will have. He has had neuropothy in his legs that has been painful. The doctor prescriped neuroten for that though and it helps some. I am glad to get to talk to you. I feel helpless at times. We were so shocked when we got the diagnosis. I am trying my best to be strong for him and hopeful and he is leaning on that I think. I will pray for you and your daddy. I hope your dad has a good day tomorrow...the way I understand it...there will be alot of ups and downs.

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To all of you, for the advises and sharing your experiences, it helps a lot!
Thank you very much for the good wishes and prayers!

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While I was on chemo my appetite at times went straight down, but my wife tried giving me the liquid Boost and I could hold some of it down. It contains many vitams and proteins that the body needs, and it is used as a suppliment for meals sometimes, but sometimes I didn't even want that. You can't force em to eat, so just hang in there and try different things.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your famliy,
Dan and Margi Harmon

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My dad felt ok till the morning after, and that day was the one he felt a bit sick, but I was afraid it was gonna be even worse for him, thanks God it was not

The days after he started feeling a bit better and gaining appetite and the day before yesterday he was eating as usual
On the 24th is the second chemo

Thank you guys for everything and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES and gives you all the strength you need!!!

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I also couldn't eat, however i received anti nausea meds before my chemo, and i was prescibled a pill for home use,( ask his doc). I didn't get sick but i didn't have an appetite. I forced myself to drink ensure(a liquid food suppliment) and v8 juice which has vegetables and vitamins for nutrition. These help keep your strength up, and your white blood count at the correct level. If white blood count goes below 2.0, they will not give you chemo until count goes up. So it is important to try and at least drink these suppliments.

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Thank you Joyzee

I found out it's a stage 4 lung cancer but it seems to be only in his lungs,he seems well, lost a couple of kilos but after the 2nd day of chemo he starts eating normally
He drinks lots of liquid on the chemo day as he's been told not to eat anything but he is really hungry after chemo

His leukocyte count was 6.600 12 days after the first chemo, they were 5.900 before it

Platelets went from, 183.000 to 264.000 after 12 days of first chemo
All is normal so far thanks God

He has another test to check all that again in the week and chemo next Saturday, the third one
Thanks for listening
God bless

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Glad all is going well. hang in there

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