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I posted a message under Craig`s discussion topic about me. It either disappeared soon after or got lost in the glitchy mess that the board has apparently been experiencing. For those of you who did not see it, I am alive and well. I`ve just been concentrating on healing because the oxy has been kicking my tail. I`ve been lurking here and there but haven`t been posting. I have not abandoned the board. I just took a small hiatus. The good news is the doctor has decreased my dosage twice and the second reduction was the magic number. I`m able to tolerate it much better now. If everything goes as well as the doctor is expecting I will only have 2 more treatments to go. I`ll be back in full affect. You`ll be so sick of me you`ll wish I hadn`t ever seen this board. I`ll become the topic of many hate based discussions. Can you believe the nerve of eric38? He is screwing up all of our posts.


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I glad your back. Soon you be over the treatments and well on your way to recovery
Jeff m
Just happy to be here

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Welcome Back, Brother :)

Glad to see you back - you were missed!

I'm going to have to catch you on the flip-flop now as the calendar is winding down, so I'll take my hiatus now.

Glad your treatments are going better now - you've swallowed alot of "junk" with little break, so its now wonder things have been difficult for you.

I thought where did the other half of my TEXAS 2-STEP go to now?


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glad you are back from the curb
fingers crosssed for you that you continue to do well on the oxy reduction

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Glad you're back! You were deeply missed as you can see from the lengthy thread. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

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Eric, Good to see you, they changed me to FOLFIRI, no Oxy and hey its still Chemo, but that Oxy was beating me like a drum. Let's beat this thing partner.

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Posts: 588
Joined: May 2009

Thanks for the responses. Mike - I am definitely with you.


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Glad that you are doing better!

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2 more treatments!! The end is in sight. And cancer IS BEING BEATEN!!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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Boy, is it great to hear from you ((((ERIC))))!!!!!

Almost done! I do my 12th this Wednesday!! I thought I'd never make it to the 12th! But still here (barely! lol) not that I had so many setbacks during it, it's a scary ride that we're on, but hell, we taking it as it comes, and that's all we can do, let's keep on kicking the crap out this cancer, and show it we mean business!!!

We will never get sick of having you around hun, we will always look forward to your wit and cockiness, it's always awesome when you have something to say!

Good Luck and Keep on Rocking Hun!!!


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Eric.. I agree with you on this Oxy. I just went through my 3rd treatment last Wed and here it is Sunday and I still feel like crap. My hands,legs,feet are hurting. My face is even kind of numb. Glad to see you're still kicking


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Joined: May 2009

Thank you for all the support. Brooks - have you asked your doctor about reducing your dosage? My doctor didn`t seem to think it would effect my outcome.


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Glad to see you back on the board. I guess the the Kiss *** (kick ***) did you good!LOL Guess I need to send it Craigs way. For those reading this, I sent a pm to Eric and mis spelled kick *** and it came out yep (kiss ***).But as you see he's back on the board. So ya know, whatever it takes in my book. He's back. Glad you are back Eric. Make it a great day!!! Goofyladie (Cass)

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It's so good to have you here posting again. I'm sorry the oxy has kicked your butt, I was wanting them to reduce it for the last two but my temporary doctors wouldn't do it. I wish they had because my blood counts are off and neuropathy is getting to me. So glad you found a happy medium with your chemo treatments and hope you do good for your last two. You were missed greatly and don't ever think we would get sick of your posts - that would never happen. Welcome back.


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I think I'll email him in the morning. Thanks for the idea. This is sure a rough one to go through!!!

Thanks again

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

Hey there Eric,
Hello missed you guys...I have been away for awhile but lucky for you all I am back lol lol lo....Glad to hear you are doing better once again you are fighting the fight and kicking its butt.....No monster will go 10 rounds with you.....JULIE

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Eric, glad you're hanging in there - I know my mom HATED the oxy... She was on it for 4 treatments until we found out it wasn't really doing here any good (liver lesions were same size - no change), so now she's on Folfiri. Sounds like you don't have too much longer with the Oxy, so hang in there!

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Still funny, I see! So glad to have you back!


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Sure is good to hear from you Eric. So glad to hear that they've adjusted the oxi. Nasty little drug that I hope has kicked c**'s butt.


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Hi Eric,

I'm glad to see you back here! I know how nasty the oxy is- you'll get through it- this too shall pass!

Take care & I'll look forward to more posts from you-

Fight for my love
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Hi Eric,I am so happy you are doing better.Welcome back to the gang!

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BUT.........it beats the alternative.....Hang in there buddy...Lookin good friend.....Clift

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eric big hugs and only two more treatments to go of oxi l have three more so l understand the love you have for it....not lol hugs again

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

It's about time! lol

Great to hve you back....

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

It's about time! lol

Great to have you back....

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Hang in there. Not much longer to go. Glad you are feeling up to posting again!!

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