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I am not the spammer or the stalker or any other ridiculous ignorant creaton thank you very much for the support

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I said I would not post again, but got one, yes 1 positive reply to my blogs. to you who think I am some weirdo, thanks for the support. If you read my posts, actually read them, you would be ashamed of yourself for attacking me. I have a loved one who is battling for life as I type this to those of you who insulted me.

I think it is important when going through this horrible cancer ordeal not to lash out at those who blog something positive and loving. If you blog something lame, like "big girl panties" hey it's your saying go for it. I thought "learning to dance in the rain" was much more positive and intelligent, but that's just me.

I have decided to follow this blog for a bit longer because the one positive reply I recieved asked me to not go, because my blog actually helped during a stressful day. I am grateful for that.

As for those of you who don't like my posts, perhaps, and mind you this is just a thought, um..don't read it?..whatcha think...good idea?

and yes this is a faticious response to the person who deliberatly posted on my username. If I was "anonymous" would I have an username? really? think about it. and leave me alone with your negative remarks. I will do the same. have a really nice day!

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Betty in Vegas
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They are not referring to you or your posts. There was a spammer or two here recently who was using the site to advertise.

You should keep posting. I enjoy anything uplifting! But don't assume that everyone is talking about you--they aren't. It really was a spammer. :)

Betty Johnson

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we all have sayings, like dancing in the rain, and BIG GIRL PANTIES, if they offend you then don't read them. We all enjoy reading different phrases from different people what makes some us laugh is enjoyable. I too have a loved one suffering from the same kind of cancer, but without a few laughs in the day it sure would be boring on this site, if we all stayed serious then we would all die off this site, we all have alot to be thankful for, some of us is cured, some of us is heading to surgery and some of us has just been diagnosed, and some is just living day to day for what they have left. If your feelings have been hurt is because you have let it hurt you, we all have our days, good, bad, or just glad to be here.

I have found that life is too short to argue, someone can be taken from you in just a heartbeat. I know you are probably having a tough time, but everyone on this site has tough times some time or another, so wheather its learning to pull up your BIG GIRL PANTIES and move on, or ITS NOT LEARNING HOW TO DANCE IN THE RAIN ITS ABOUT WAITING FOR A STORM TO PASS, we all are here for each other.

take care


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I don't think any of us was thinking of you---we had someone else that actually replied to 5+ posts ataAT once on at least 2 different occassions---not you

I have seen your posts--and please don't be scared off---we are all in this together---

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