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What to take to hospital

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Betty in Vegas
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So, I am going to be leaving in a week or so for Houston. I got to thinking--some of you would know better what I should take with me! Soooo...what should I take with me?

Of course, we will have jammies for him, a robe and slippers like the hospital said. I have jammies and a sports bra to sleep in...I am also taking some books and our little computer for distraction. But are there other things you found handy? This is my usual list for chemo/hospital:

Antibacterial wipes
plastic baggies for the tv remote (did you know that there was a study recently of infections and they found that they could trace many back to the remote or to the doctor's cell phones?)
hard candies for me--to keep my mouth wet without drinking in front of Layne.
Small Computer
massage roller
Picture of the kids to put on the wall with wall putty that won't hurt the wall.
Cards for him.

Other suggestions?

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Al and I don't need to leave town for suregery, but I really don't know what he will or
won't be allowed. I have a small back packed for me for a couple of days. Al's kid will be coming from N.C. so they will be bunking for a couple on nights on an air mattress in the diningroom. I am thinking about getting a hotel room near UPMC for the firs night or
two just to be close by.

Anyway all suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
This is going to be the longest week of my life!!!

God Bless

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Well, I think I am probably the best person that can let you know:

You will need stuff for you, like a pillow, blanket, socks, change of clothes, houseshoes, toothbrush, a change of clothes or two, cards, (you will need them) word search puzzle is great passes time, and of course YOUR LAPTOP, to stay in contact with us, also some snacks, if you wear contacts make sure you have solution, and your pair of glasses, and make sure you have the necissaties of life,

you can take a pic of the kids but don't know if they will let you put it up, depends on the hospital, the surgery and ICU, and most of all keep your strength and eat at least twice a day a good breakfast and good dinner thats what I did,

if your loved one is out of it, always talk to them, they know you are in the room, they just can see you.

now for the very last part of your packing you will need 2 pairs of MOE'S BIG GIRL PANTIES/ which will arrive in time for surgery through FAITH FEDERAL EXPRESS BY BILL MARSHALL, and i think MUMPHY, has a pair of MOE'S SHOES reserved for AL'S surgery .

I want to wish you both luck and know I will be thinking of you and if I can get Jeff through this with a full surgery you can get your husband through it with the invasive surgery.

always and alway keep us updated at least once a day it will help you trust me.

lori aka MOe

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Hi Betty,

I had planned to spend a few overnights with my husband and ended up spending
all five. They brought me in a rollaway bed. The nurses are so very busy and
most of the other men on the floor were much older/sicker.
He needed chapstick and the electric razor the hospital had didn't work.
Have them show you where the warm blankets are and you can spoil him with them:)

You won't believe how fast it will go and what a brave man Layne is!!

Are you planning to stay in Houston for a while, till one week check up? We got
out in six days and my husband was not in any condition to travel in a car.
We stayed a week for the check up.

Prayers & smooth sailing wishes to you both,


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Betty in Vegas
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Joined: Jul 2009

We will stay in Houston with a friend for that week. We cannot afford to fly back and forth for that short of a period.

Chapstick...I had forgotten chapstick!

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