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Day 4 Post daVinci

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I am surprised at the lack of surgery pain. The surgeon had to "reconstruct" the neck of my bladder to compensate for tissue thinning due to years of repeated prostatitis (occupational hazzard of a career helicopter pilot). This may be why I am still having bladder spasms which is the only issue I have (other than the tether and associated irritation). I take toviaz once a day for the spasms and 1/2 the pain medication later in the day hoping to alleviate some of the spasms. Sometimes it is diifcult to tell the difference between a bladder spasm and the urgent need for a BM.

Minor stomach muscle pain, as other said, similar to a lot of setups the day before.

My surgeon son said chest conjestion is normal post-surgery and coughing is encouraged to keep it broken up and clear. Coughing is not comfortable but holding a pillow on your belly when you do makes it much better and takes away the (unfounded) concern of blowing out any stitches.

I walk quite a bit though find I run out of gas pretty quick.

Yesterday I dumped >6 liters of liquid from my cath bag. My son said that is normal the first few days after surgery as your body gets rid of excess liquid both as injected during surgery and from the body trying to flush junk. I don't know if I drank 6 liters yesterday.

I feel a bit like a goose; my body processes food within about 30-45 minutes of eating. I was actually hungry for the first time yesterday afternoon but it passed by the time supper was on the table. First solid food was a homemade Egg McMuffin yesterday morning.

I was very concerned about the prep, procedure and recovery. Prep and procedure was a walk in the park, so far recovery is no big deal but there is still a long wasy to go.

Info I got from this board went a long way to easing my concerns and forewarning me of things before I experienced them. Great bunch of guys and though I am glad we did I wish none of us had ever met under the circumstances that brought us together.


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Glad your recovery is going so well. It gets better after the cath is out, or it did for me. Keep the positive thoughts going. This site helped get me thru mine, and it is a positive force to help all that go thru this bump in the road.

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I am 5 weeks post surgery and in my case every day got better. I had almost no pain,no congestion or any major problems. You and I sound similar pain wise and I agree once your catheter is out you will feel like a different person. Good luck on your recovery and knows it only gets better.


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