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Things are looking up ?

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It took me forever to write a concise version of what I wanted to post and ask the members here yesterday. My work promptly disappeared when I put it in for a preview read. So no preview today and hope whatever it is makes sense. I have been grateful to have found this site. Esoph. Cancer is a tough one to locate for support specific to the diagnosis.
The inf. here has been helpful, especially Bill in regard to chemo. prior to surgery.
I am Dx. stageIII Esophageal Cancer with Barretts and have completed chemo/radiation. Now doing presurgical tests which indicate a need for other surgeries (Carotid and Heart stent) prior to the esophageal resection. This has just been Dx. in this week of tests that ended with a cardiac cath. friday and a day of Flu(?)yesterday.
My expectation is for full recovery and current outlook is that the cancer is saving my life.
In reading the posts this morning I can see even more the importance of sharing each personal experience and history. There's no one experience that gives each person hope. Thanks for being here folks. I've got a lot more reading to do!

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Betty in Vegas
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Wow, you are really going to be seeing a surgeon for a lot of stuff! But, thank the Lord, the expertise exists to do all those things! Isn't it funny how even cancer can be a blessing sometimes?

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Thanks for the welcome :)
I have a hard time keeping track of how to navigate this site but believe (Betty) I read your husband is due for surgery Oct.29 ? It's bound to go well!!! Halloween is a great time for surgery and other scary stuff!
Sorry for the levity. I just can't help feeling positive the closer I get to the surgeries which I believe will give me answers to all the scary questions my family and I have been living with. It's got to be so difficult for you. I hope you have family close to support you. There seems to be a lot of information and support from the folks on this site. God Bless puters and the internet right?

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welcome to the site---I am relatively new and still trying to follow everyone---some really great people on here. and honest too. It's a nice place to just support each other or to seek support....good luck on your journey---you have the right attitude!

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You are doing great and have a positive attitude!! This really is a great site to be on and has a ton of information and a great support system. Good luck with everything you are having to deal with. Keep us updated as you can.


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Just going over your post it sounds like your going through alot in a small period of time!
I know how you feel about finding this site it truely has been a God Send for me. I have
met alot of wonderful people here that are actually going through the things you are.

When I first came to this site I was lost, now I am helping or at least trying to help others who are new to the site. None of us have all the answers, but someone will alway be
here listening.

Good Luck and keep intouch.
God Bless

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