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I want to say that this wonderful new discussion board you have here has been a great place for me to go. I am very grateful. I have read many many of your discussions and cried thru most all of them. The strength and passion here is exactly what I needed. God Bless each and every one of you. I feel selfish and 'naked', but I want you to know I just can't step out of my own situation very well, enough to say all the things I would like you to know. I want to offer comfort as well as seek it. I guess, maybe too, that one has to be comfortable enough to share that comfort much, and lately I just ain't comfortable. Sorry for the ramble, hope you understand my intent.

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Honestly, not many of us spill our guts at first. We test the waters one toe at a time. For the longest time after I joined the boards and chat room I did not talk about my divorce. That was harder for me than the 3 cancer diagnoses and I just couldn't get it out. Now, I have been here 4 years and I lay it all out for anyone who will listen (or read). LOL
You will develop trust and confidence both in us and in yourself as you spend time here, but it is all about YOU and what you feel comfortable with.
Welcome and God bless.

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Hey, rambling's good if it helps, and it does help to hear from others. Just take your time. Maybe you will never feel comfortable being totally open. That's ok, too. These boards are not here to make anyone uncomfortable. Post when you feel like it.Read when you want and know that we are all in this together. Fay

Posts: 35
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Thankyou for your replies!

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