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super high calorie shake that can pass through PEG tube

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I thought I would share the recipe I have used to keep my husband’s weight stable during chemo/radiation. He started at 160 lbs., lost 5 lbs. after the first two weeks of treatment, then ended treatment three days ago at 160 lbs. We were told he would lose lots of weight, so I am pleased to say that doesn't have to happen. Oh yes, he also has 3 liters of water by tube every day.

He has stage 4a base of tongue squamous cell carcinoma. He had 35 radiation treatments while simultaneously having chemo over 7 weeks time--1 dose of cisplatin (that caused him to lose some of his hearing), then 5 weekly treatments of carboplatin and taxol.

He had a PEG placed before he started treatment, and although he has been able to swallow water, pills, and Throat Coat tea, he has had little food for the last 5 weeks. (Today he had maybe a 1/4 cup of cream of wheat. I was delighted!!!)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about specific ingredients. You can also visit his Caring Bridge blog at https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kevindavidsmith

Recipe for the super-high calorie shake (Total calories 1310):
This is my feeding tube recipe. This shake makes two servings. I make it in the morning, and save half for an evening meal in the refrigerator. Allow it to sit at room temperature for a bit of time, so it is more comfortable going through the tube.

1 can high calorie liquid meal replacement (Nutren 1.5, could use Ensure)
(15 g/protein, 375 calories)
1 envelope Carnation Instant Breakfast powder
(5 g/protein, 130 calories)
2 scoops EAS 100% whey protein powder (found at Target)
(23 g/protein, 240 calories)
3/4 cup Organic Half-and-Half
(6 g/protein, 240 calories)
3/4 cup prune juice
(1.5 g/protein, 135 calories)
1 ripe banana (108 calories)
1 Tblsp. *Barlean's Total Omega 3/6/9 oil, pomegranate blueberry flavor
(70 calories)
2 capsules *New Chapter Probiotic Immunity (to help with digestion)
2 capsules *Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex (to protect muscle tissue)
1 tablet Centrum chewable multi-vitamin (crushed)
1 tablet Zinc (crushed)
2 tsp. Fiber powder (Benefiber) (to help with constipation)
(15 calories)

Blend until very smooth, so it can pass through a feeding tube.
(* Ingredients can be found at a health food store.)

When husband was able to handle the taste of a shake by mouth, I would use this same recipe as above (minus the 3/4 cup half-and-half which was too rich for him to drink), but also add:
1/4 cup Half-and-Half
(2 g/protein, 80 calories)
1/2 cup whole milk
(4 g/protein, 75 calories)
1/4 cup walnuts (they blend very smooth in a blender)
(4.5 g/protein, 196 calories)
1/4 cup organic whole milk yogurt
(2 g/protein, 37 calories)
2 heaping Tblsp. Flax seed, ground
(3 g/protein, 45 calories)
2 heaping Tblsp. Wheat germ
(4 g/protein, 55 calories)
3-4 kinds of fresh or frozen fruits (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pears, raspberries, mango, cantaloupe)

Total 1558 calories (plus the calories from the fresh/frozen fruit)

2 weeks after chemo/radiation is completely over, we will add anti-oxidents back into his diet, and the shake will additionally include:
2 Tblsp. *Noni juice
2 Tblsp. *Acai juice
1 packet Emergen-C powder (vitamin C powder)
1 Tblsp. *Green Vibrance (powdered organic greens, grasses, concentrated superfood)

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nice recipe.
Looks like youve done some homework i have come up with my own mixture also and i feel great.
I used to do it by tube but now i drink it.
It is
I use 1 package of Amplified Muscle Meal from GNC
plus 2 scoops of Super Foods Supreme a powdered fruits and veggies i get at GNC
plus 2 scoops of Reliv Now its a powdered multi vitamin i get online at Reliv.com
plus 1 teaspoon of freezedried black razzberries from Stokes Berry Farms in Ohio i get it from their website they got some good links to oral cancer studies.
Then a couple of tablespoons of flax seed oil
and a couple of tablespoons of fish oil
and a couple of shot classes of pure aloe juice
a pill of Zinc
a pill of tumeric with bromilin
i havent done the totals of calories and protien like you have

I can put mine in one of those 24 oz shakers from GNC add water to fill it up
shake well and it dont taste bad

Now that im eating i do 1 a day i used to dump 2 down my peg tube.
It was nice because i traveled alot and dont need a blender or refridgerator .

I keep the larger quantities of freezedried black razzberries and aloe and oils in the fridge and freezer but their all fine for a couple days without if i take off for a week or so i just use the Amplified musle Meal and Reliv and Superfoods and take oils in capsule form.
I cheated an pounded eggnog last year during treatment and actually gained 4 lbs.
I am 1 year out
I was stage 4 tonsil with lymphnode size of a lemon
I did 6 weeks induction chemo Taxol Carboplatin and Erbitux all together
The 7 weeks of radiation with doubles on friday plus Cisplatin chemo daily on weeks 1,4 and 7
Then i had radical neck disection.
I did home hydration giving myself IV fluids which i think is not used or thought of by many for the worst weeks 4 thru 7 of radiation
and the month after.
getting as much nutrition and fluids is the key to feeling better sooner.
Also i have a 3 year old son and a year ago when i was at my worst i didnt want to move for anything i would tell my wife where to go!! I wouldnt have moved if the house was on fire but if your 2 year old cries or needs your help you move no matter how bad you feel.

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Those are both awesome suggestions! I'm printing them out as I type.
Thank you both for sharing.

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