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New member - stage 2 grade 2b - ? on recurrance

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Hi all - am from Michigan. Have been through TAB hysterectomy, chemo, external radiation, and 3 rounds of internal radiation. Finished everything almost a year ago. Have been back to Doctors a couple of times. Next appointment is the 14th of this month. Am wondering what symptoms show up with recurrance? Are there symptoms or is it found only with exams? Thanks in advance.

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Hey and welcome.

Either or both. There's nothing really set. Scans, physicals, looking to see inside the nether regions by the doctor using a very bright light can sometimes actually see recurrence on the vaginal cuff, pain. Can show up in many ways. Try not to panic. My grand-daughter is patting my back so I lost my concentration and my ability to type. She's lost her mind. Gotta go!

Jazmine!!!! Quit it you looney tune

Okay, she's gone. The thing is that this cancer can recur almost anywhere. Brain, bones, breast, stomach, liver could be anywhere. go to your regular check-ups. Check the NCCN Guidelines. I wouldn't spent too long waiting to see if a tumor grew with watching only with a CT scan. If it grows, I would have a PET/CT if it appeared to be in the 1cm range. Again, that's just me. Nothing 100% accurate, well you know what I mean. I am sure there are things that are 100% accurate, but not so much with cancerc. PET's are relatively reliable in the lcm range though.

Best of luck,


Recheck your path report for the proper grade. I never heard of 2b. What's that?

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Stage 2b/grade 2 - been awhile since I have discussed stage and grade! I have to schedule a ctscan. I didn't want another so soon. I have had so much radiation I worry about that causing cancer.

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Jillbe.... My Oncologist told me to watch for nausea or vomiting that wasn't just related to a GI bug, pain that didn't go away in 2 weeks or that got worse. Listen to my body.
I do have pap smears every 3 months for a couple of years, then every 6 months for several more years. Also an annual chest x-ray. I don't have a CA125 as it was not a marker for me.

I agree with Claudia...read the NCCN guidelines for follow up for the type and stage of your cancer.

My dr. does not do routine CT scans other than 3 months after I completed treatment. Risk of radiation is large. I have read (am thinking it was in the NCCN guidelines) where most recurrence is picked up with physical examp and patient reported symptoms. (I had Grade 3/Stage 3a Endometrial adenocarcinoma.)

Best wishes....Karen

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stage 2b is when the cancer is over 50% thru the uterine wall and the lymph nodes and washing are negitive. I am stage 2b my cancer was 69% thru the wall and into the top of my cerivx. no signs of cancer in the nodes or washing. If even one of the nodes would have been positive it would be stage 2c. some time the grade and stage get mixed up

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I`m grade 3 stage 2b, which means cervix envolment. If lymph nodes are positive it is automaticaly stage 3c. and if it is more than 50% through the wall, but cervix is clear you got stage 1c.

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Hi I am interested to know if anyone knows whether the stages etc are rated the same in New Zealand as America. I was classed as Grade2 T2b which I think is the same as your grading, but wasn't give chemo as as far as they could tell it had got into the nodes, even though the surgeon was pretty sure it had until he got the path report back. Is it normal practise in America to have chemo with this grading. Had radical Hysterectomy plus radiotherapy 25 sections and 2 sections of internal radiotherapy.

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Here's a link to our NCCN. It's a guideline for all things uterine canceresk.


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