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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Double whammy

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My partner of 15 years has stage 4 renal carcinoma with mets in his lung and brain, and so far I have been able to be the caregiver he needs and the caregiver i knew I could be, which has been great. A # of weeks ago I was rushed into emergency surgery for a tumor on my small intestine, and as a reult was given a diagnosis of Non Hodgkins lymphoma large B cell. I started R.C.H.O.P. Last week and the first 3 days were ok then I hit a wall, and havent been out of bed since. Today is the first day I have felt a litlle better but not 100%. Anyway I feel like God forgot Bill and I and for someone who has always been the rock I now I feel useless. I am getting all sorts of help in the home from nurses LPNs and homemakersAll I am asking for is someone who may have gone thru a double setback like this and how did u cope? I would luve to hear from anyone, and you can reach me at my email addy wayne_beebe2000@yahoo.com

thanks all


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Dear Wayne,

I'm not normally on this forum...just wanted to let you know that our entire site has been hijacked. I know someone who has experience with this will find you. Sorry that someone whose doing this is so uncaring and is a bully who picks on people when their down. They probably are mean to helpless little children and animals too. Big bully.

I will be praying for you Wayne.

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