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Scan is Clear

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I am happy to report that I talked to my oncologist today and she said my scan is clear and everything is normal. She even mentioned seeing the resection and the j-pouch and everything looks great. I am so excited as this was a very anxious wait and my first scan since December when I first found out. My oncologist said I will have this scan every six months for, I think, two years. I know she commented at my last visit on my liver function levels being really elevated but she thinks this is from chemo since it slowly climbed since starting chemo and everything was fine before starting this, but scan showed all organs and tissues to be normal so I'm sure that levels will start getting back to normal in a couple months. She also asked if I was taking the nuprogen shot (she wanted me to take seven shots) and I told her no because it made me hurt so bad and she kind of laughed and said ok. I told her I just wanted to see if my count went up by itself without the shot and she said that would be fine unless I started to get a fever (meaning I was getting sick).

Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Hugs! Kim

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That's soooo great to hear Kim!! I wouldn't take those either if they hurt me, I think there are other ways to get that count up besides that shot, I took it once, and then I was in the hospital with that pain, and ended up in there for 3 weeks with that blockage, I couldn't tell if it was from the chemo or the shot, since I had just gotten it that day before, it was scary!

Again, I'm so glad to hear of the great news, go out and celebrate it!


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Great news on the scan....Sweet music to my ears and I bet your grinning like a possum....Way to go girl.....you got some way deserved celebrating to do...{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} Clift

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great news!!!
Another win for the good guys!1

Just happy to be here!!!

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Way to go, Kim!

You've got a 6-month HALL PASS :)

Take care

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A six month hall pass without having to raise my hand. Yippee I can deal with that LOL.

Too funny. And Craig you are going to do great next week. I can feel it.


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Wow what support from this board. I am thankful for you all. I say a Novena every week and a daily prayer for all of you on the boards. I feel that God has blessed my life with being joined with this board and having found you. I know that we are interconnected and we are all family now. I thank you for your kindness.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Hugs! Kim

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Dear Kim,

I am so happy for you. What a relief. It is really hard not to be anxious abouot these tests. I'm 2 years out this month and get aprehensive every time. You just celebrate and enjoy yourself.
I've been praying for you and will continue. I also had elevated liver tests and it took almost 1 1/2 yrs for them to get down to normal. So happy for you. You are always such an encouragement to all.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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I know what you mean. She just told me last Thursday that I needed a scan every six months and that someone would call me to schedule it and they called about 2 hours after I got home and said "you need this as soon as possible?" and I'm thinking she didn't say that. So I got more nervous, but I think they just weren't busy (which they weren't when I was there) and just wanted to get me in. How often are your scans? Thanks for your comments.

God Bless you too!


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So good to hear Kim! I am very happy for you.

Peace and Blessings... Rob; in Van

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So happy to hear your exciting news. God bless..

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YEAH!!! Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing with us.

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Kim - That is wonderful, beautiful news!!!!!!!!


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Great News!!!

Fight for my love
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Great news,Kim.You have done a great job.Celebrate being NED and enjoy life!

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I'm very happy for you

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That's great news. Now and FOREVER~

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Nana b
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Great news! my onc has been doing scans every two months, maybe if the next one is good he will go to 6 months.....but deep inside I wish he would do 3 months........so scarry to think what can happen in 6 months. I know we have to think positive.

I'm happy for you!

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I've been praying for you and thinking of you ever since I read your post about your scan. Thank God for the good news. I am so happy for you. I was anxiously awaiting your post and I am thrilled for you.

God bless you and keep you NED!


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Hip hip hooray It's a great day. Congrats Kim.


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Hi Kim,

I am so glad to hear your news!! What a wonderful feeling!
A comment on the neupogen shots... I had a terrible experience with them- pain in my sternum so bad and sharp that I thought I was having a heart attack and my onc sent me in right away for an EKG. It came out normal, but I never wanted to take them again. That was a year ago. More recently, now with my new onc and latest chemo, my new onc wanted me to take a neulasta shot each time. I was scared to death and adament at first that I didn't want it because of my other experience. He told me sometimes people don't have as many problems with the pain with neulasta as they do with neupogen. Some still do though. Well- amazingly, I've taken neulasta shots after all of my Folfiri chemo sessions- 5 times now and absolutely NO PAIN or problems at all with the neulasta shots. These are the ones where you just get one shot and it lasts over several days- neupogen is where you have to take several shots and they don't last as long. For whatever reason, the neulasta has been no problem- so maybe you could suggest that to your onc and see if you could switch, to see if it would be better. That is, of course, if you need it- hopefully your counts will go up on their own.

You take care and enjoy basking in your good news!


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I'm happy that the neulasta shot is working better for you. I just hate taking the neupogen shots, but my insurance doesn't cover the neulasta shot. Doesn't make sense because the neulasta shot lasts longer the the neupogen and the neupogen shot you have to take days in a row. I still have seven viles left just in case my surgeon wants me to take it right before surgery. I just want my levels to go back on their own without having to be stimulated into producing and I was wondering why she would want me to take these shots now. If I took them this week then next week they would all be tanked again - doesn't make sense to me. I hope you are tolerating chemo well this time. Thinking of you always.

Hugs! Kim

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I am so happy for you, what wonderful news and what a relief I bet too. You need to celebrate!!!

I find out my scan results on Tuesday, keep me in your prayers, I want the exact same news you got!!

Again, great news!! Way to go!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

God Bless

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You have them. I know that the waiting is so hard. I just don't think that the doctors realize our anticipation. Let us know when you get your good news too and God Bless you!


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So glad to hear your good news...Take care!

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I am so happy for you! Now you get to heal and enjoy life! I know how you feel and I am celebrating with you. My scans were clear 3 weeks ago and I felt like i won the lottery!



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Hi Beth,
I'll be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you on Tuesday. We want you to have the same results as Kim too!

E pili mau nâ pômaika`i me `oe!


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