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My Dad ate a BIG MAC!

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WOW--isn't that something weird to be excited about???

My dad who was Dx'd with stage 3 or 4 EC (long story) in August just finished 6 weeks of chemo-radiation at Duke. He gets to go home today (3 1/2 hours from Duke)!! HE so needs to get home to rest and recuperate. He sailed thru the first 3 weeks, but week 4 & 5 did him in with vomiting, low blood counts, dehydration, etc. But in the last 2 days he has been able to eat 1/2 sandwich, some pizza and a BIG MAC! Since he was not heavy to begin with he needs to keep his weight up and my mom is so relieved to have more variety than ensure shakes, eggs, cream of wheat etc to offer him. He will get re-staged in Nov. I Pray for the best results possible and that surgery will be an option for him.

Thanks to all of you on this site who post their own stories and support each other. You all really do make a difference to the rest of us on here. And thanks to Bill and Loretta who have helped me not worry so desperately and trust in God's loving plan...You guys are a GIFT!

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Hi Kim,

Next he will be eating STEAK. This is encouraging does your dad have a stent I don't remember, anyway I would take this as a good sign. He should just take it slow and don't get discouraged if somethings don't work try it later.

Al is eating everything and lots of high cal. foods cake, pastries, any thing to get him
fattened up for surgery.

Al is or was stage 4, now since all the chemo I don't know how they are staging it to be honest. I just know that the tumor shrunk and the chemo worked and now nervously and anxiously!!!! Waiting for surgery!

Keep praying and never give of HOPE sounds like your dad is on the right track

God Bless

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thanks for responding---such a small thing to some people---but it is important to my parents & me!!! he really needs to get his weight up---so I hope this continues... My dad amy still be a satge 4---I just don't know---but I thank you for posting, bc it shows that it os not all over at stage 4!!! thanks for sharing---this is just an area where we can all be honest...others don't always get it...

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i couldn't have said it better than you. Keep up the good work, little things means alot it does to me.


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The little things do mean alot. Just a little mail message or posting can be so uplifting!! I do thank everyone on here for always posting something, even if it doesn't directly affect my dad's situation, it's great to have the support. Best wishes to everyone on here!!

Hugs and prayers to all!!

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