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Well, just wanted to post a few things, Jeff is doing good since surgery, but still sore and the doctor said its becasuse of his extensive surgery,

I am a little down tonight I had a car wreck on wednesday night coming home from work, some kid pulled out in front of me and here in OKLA. was a wet misty rain, and I had no where to go but hit him, of course we live 45 min out so he couldn't get to me so a friend got to me to help me, I told Jeff how much more can we handle, it seems like since april 1 we have had nothing but bad news on our plate. I just didn't have my BGP with me and so i guess thats why it happened.

I am okay just very sore and hurting. Jeff is stressed from his surgery and then now my wreck, somedays I just don't think I can do it anymore as a caregiver.

I know Bill Marshall will read this and give me some encourgement and I will be okay.

I know I should count my blessings, after still seeing many of our friends going through what they are right now.

I am sorry for whining I just needed to vent and who else can I vent to but my friends on this site.

Take care

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Betty in Vegas
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Well, I am not William, but let me try....

Not long after our DX, we were about to leave for a chemo treatment, and we were at church...my son went out to the truck to load the church's speakers in it as we had homeschool graduation that night, and we were borrowing the sound system. He came back and said, "Someone broke in the truck."

They took the gps (never leave that thing in the window...what idiots we were to do that!) and they also took some keys from Layne's office, tried to take my cell phone, but dropped it, but DID take our medical file. It had all of Layne's original paperwork and original petscans on cd in it. It also had 8 airline tickets that could not be replaced (not traceable) that people had donated to us. I was just soooo upset. I asked the pastor the same thing you said, "How much more can we be expected to take?"

My sweet husband said, "Cancer doesn't make us immune from the every day crisis of life, honey. I am sure that whoever took that stuff needs prayer."

You know, the Lord replaced the tickets within a week, the pastor showed up with a new gps...and we prayed for the guy who took the stuff. I know that the Lord will bless you in some way to make up for this unfortunate happening, as well. All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

Sending extra prayer your way tonight.


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You are right---Bill will have much more to say about this, but I wanted to share just a bit:

I've heard that this was a quote from Mother Theresa "The Lord never gives me more than I can handle---I just wish he didn't trust me SO much!!!"

We are thankful that YOU were not hurt worse and still can be there to help/support your husband! It is strange how sometimes terrible things come all at once.... Somehow, (God's mysterious ways!), I was able to be with my dad & mom when then were first seen at Duke.(Dad has EC) That's no easy task with 4 kids at home and no family in town. Well, my husband found out he was LAID OFF that week! He was able to be home the kids and get them to all their practices. He is being paid until the end of the year while he looks for a new job. I thank GOD for allowing me to be with them at that very stressful time, but of course would have never arranged it quite the way he did! HE thinks of everything. He has it all under control--even if we don't.

Somehow---things will get better for you--hang in there

You might need to get extra BGPs to have on hand --wherever you are!

Let us know how you're doing...

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Hey Lori

Just read you post as long as your O.k that is the most important thing. You have car insurance. I am sorry to say this also they do say GOD WILL ONLY GIVE WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE
and sometimes life just happens. I think I know how frustrated you and Jeff must be, but
it is just a car you have handled so much more.. PUT ON THE BGP and roll with it.