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Hi my name is Sandy,

My father was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer stage 2 back in april. He is a Veteran and goes thru the VA for all health issues. This is the only insurance he has. Anyways for a few months he was very sick and weak. He was in the hospital for about 90 days and then he couldnt walk because he was in bed for so long. They then sent him to a rehab center for rehabilitation. The director of oncology refused to give him any chemo until he was stronger so that was our goal was to get him strong. Also he had lost about 40 lbs.... So in July we get him home and he is doing great. We go back to the VA for follow up and they have to do all of his tests again to see if the cancer had spread. Well low and behold there are 2 small spots on his liver but the dr.'s tell us that chemo should help and they schedule it for a couple of weeks later because he had an infection in his bowel. So we go back in a couple of weeks after the infection clears up and that same director of oncology comes in and says we cannot treat him because his blood pressure is too low and he needs to eat more. So seriously, we take him to the cafeteria and he eats and his blood pressure went up. They tell us to try again in a couple of weeks. Well then my dad was really weak and we brought him to the emergency room and they do an xray and tell us he MIGHT have pneumonia so they keep him for a few days put him on antibiotics and guess what. He missed his chemo appt. So we take him home he is doing great, even though he is in a wheel chair but he can walk if you just guide him. Now he goes yesterday for a follow up with the oncologist and the director comes out again and says that she cannot give him chemo because he looks like he lost weight and he needs to be stronger. The disease is killing him what does this woman want. He has been looking pretty good to me but here is the catch. My dad has bi-polar and it seems like they are not willing to treat him because of his disorder its almost as if they think we are pushing him. He wants it but he is scared and he knows the alternative. They gave him 6-8 months in July with treatment it is october and he was originally diagnosed in april with only 2 doses of Radiation and no chemo. Is there anyone out there that can help us and let us know where else we can turn? With a clinical trial do you need insurance??? He will have medacare in January but is that going to be too late??? I love my Father more than life itself and he deserves a fighting chance just like anyone else, who is this dr. to play god... I had an Aunt who had stage 4 non small cell in her lung wrapped around her aorta and she had a clinical trial and lived for 8 more years and they told her she was a miracle... There are miracles but I need help on who to talk to and where to start???

Please help us......


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    Hi Sandy, welcome to this board.
    Oh dear, this is a complicated situation indeed. It sounds like you are unhappy with the treatment he is getting and your only choice is the VA Hospital. Are there more oncologists at that same hospital, or are you limited to the one you don't trust? Have you spoken with anyone to see if his benefits can be used elsewhere? By any chance, is there another VA Hospital you can use?

    I wish I could be of more assistance but maybe someone else can help with your questions. As you can see I don't know much about VA care, but I hope you can find a place for better treatment and less frustration. You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.