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Abnormal pap

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I am currently battling colon cancer.

I previously had a several year battle starting with dysplasia which quickly turned into cervical cancer. I had a hysterectomy in 2003, but still had cervical cancer after that. But I had been clear from 2004 to 2007.

I think I'm being tested again to see where my breaking point is. I hope I never find out!

My pap results arrived in the mail this afternoon. "Not entirely normal." "The exam did not show a clear reason for this."

What? How can it be abnormal with no reason? I called the clinic where my OB/GYN is now (this was my first time to this clinic, so the results looked different than I am used to receiving). The nurse called me back and told me the results actually said ASCUS (atypical squamos cells of undetermined significance). This is where my last battle started, and quickly went to CIN I, CIN II, CIN III, which were HSIL (high grade dysplasia), and then CIS (carcinoma in situ).

The good news is they now can test easily for HPV, and I am negative. We'll never know if my first battle was caused by HPV or not, but I don't have it now. Without the presence of HPV, there is a good chance the ASCUS will resolve on its own. But with my history, and my current medical condition, I am worried.

Now that my uterus and cervix are gone (2003), and I've already been through colposcopies, cone biopsies, multiple LEEPs, and multiple cyrotherapy treatments, I'm not sure what they'd do this time. My last cyro procedure to treat the cancer post-hysterectomy (still remaining at the top of the vagina - cervical cancer with no cervix) worked - I was clear till 2007. I was told at that time the next step would be radiation, so I was so thrilled when I had no more recurrance.

I see my oncologist tomorrow morning. One more piece of info to throw in the file and follow up on. I sure hope this resolves on its own and the next pap is clear.

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