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2nd round questions

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Hi All,
Dick started Folfori and Avastin yesterday. We have a few questions. Of course we are worried that he already went through Folfox 6 and the cancer showed up again in 6 weeks. So, either it didn't kill the cancer or the cancer is fast growing. We don't know. So, the question is, can a new cocktail have the potential to actually get rid of all the cancer? Does that happen that one mix does not work but then another one does?

We are looking for strength and courage for this round. Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

Warmest aloha to all of you,

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Kathleen- I posted this before, but think it got buried. Have they talked about surgery (maybe even outpatient) to pull that dang pesky node out?

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Hi Pattee,
We asked the question about the lymph node and surgery. They said they want to watch it and see if the chemo will reduce it or make it normal on a PET. They are watching it to see if the chemo is effective. They are going to give Dick a scan in 1 month to see if it is shrinking. I think they are thinking that if it is in 1 node it may be in the lymph system and they need to go at the whole system with chemo.

Thanks for caring.


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Hi Kathleen,

I'm sorry about Dick having to start up the Folfiri, especially so quickly after doing the Folfox. Did Dick ever have the genetic testing done to see if the oxalyplatin in the Folfox was a good match for him? I'm just wondering if that's what may have happened with that- that maybe he wasn't a good match for it. The irinotecan (Camptosar, CPT-11) in the Folfiri is obviously a different agent and people can definitely respond differently to the two different agents. Interestingly, I always thought Folfox was what was standard to use for first line chemo, but I've heard of a few people lately that have now been put on Folfiri right off the bat instead of the Folfox. A man next to me in the chemo room last week had just been diagnosed and was getting Folfiri. I believe Donna/Shayenne also got Folfiri.
So, the Folfiri could very well possibly do the trick for the cancer Dick's currently fighting. I will pray that all will go well for him.

Take care (and thanks for all the encouragement you've consistently given me lately- it's been much appreciated).

Lisa :)

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Hi Dick and Kathleen,

You are about the only ones out there in a later time-zone than me!

I've had both FOLFOX and FOLFIRI. I think my oncologist wanted me to have the benefit of both. Implicit in that is the understanding that different tunours respond to different drugs differently in different people. Not helpful I know!!

I think that what is important for you to know is that there is a RIGHT combination of chemo and surgery that will maximize your potential for a cure, or barring that, for good long-term survival. (but I distinctly remember we are all pulling for "the Cure" for Dick!! We've already voted on that and it was passed unanimously in a previous post!)

Obviously if FOLFOX is shown to be less effective another regime is a good move. Having Avastin in he mix is also a great plus! It is an excellent addition to the chemo arsenal a is truly a life-saver for many.

I think there are people here who have had complete elimination of cancer via chemo alone. Perhaps you will hear more from them.

Thinking of you Dick and your PUMP!

Be well... Rob; in Van

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I think maybe just giving the Folfiri some time to work is what he'll need as well, I didn't hear till like my 3rd CT Scan that the liver tumors were finally shrinking, I still hear it is working, just give it a few months, and see what happens, I pray it will work for you all~ I'm sure I'll be doing more chemo then just the 12th round next week~


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Hey Kathleen

I agree with Rob - maybe having them add Avastin will help Dick's situation. I know Avastin is used with both Folfox and Folfiri.

It packs the ol' ONE-TWO punch!

Avastin cuts off "blood supply" to the tumor and that's a good thing.

And the way I understand it, is that after so many treatments with one drug, the Cancer gets smart and can adapt, and so a change in the chemo regimen is used to go another route.

I hate that Dick is having to go back-2-back with the chemo treatments, and did not get some rest between, but I know he wants to attack head on, and that is a good plan.

I just want to say Thank You for speaking for him and keeping us up to date and for providing the great support to all of us as well...whenever I see Aloah, I always think of you :)


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Nana b
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Praying that this cocktail will work for Dick....praying for him and you!

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I'm still learning about colon cancer. But I have a friend who has had many, many different treatments for stage IV pancreatic cancer. (He has been beating the odds - several years into this battle.) Some chemo drugs have had little or no effect. Others had mediocre effect. And of all things, Xeloda has been giving him the best results. All of his liver mets shrunk away to nothing, and although the original pancreatic tumor still hasn't gone away, it hasn't been growing either. So I know for certain, at least in his case, different chemo drugs absolutely had different effects on the cancer.

I'm sorry Dick has to go through rounds of another chemo so soon, but with my friend, he went one after another till he found what worked - and what is working best has the least side effects for him too. I hope this is the cocktail that works for your husband, and preferably without too many side effects.

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sending you and Dick positive thoughts and prayers to kick this cancer in the backside. Sorry I can't give any advice.


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