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84 Year Old Father with CML

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My 84 year old father was diagnosed with CML three weeks ago. He has been on Gleevec for just over a week, and is having sever muscle pain on his thighs, to the point that he can hardly walk. Is this a common immediate side effect? Also, in looking up research I have not be able to find any information on patients of his age. I'm not sure what to expect his life span to be. Is it better to NOT be on the chemo and let the cancer take its course? This is a man who just had his kidney removed three years ago, due to cancer. I would not say he is in very poor health but he has a lot of medical issues. Does anyone have any information they can provide me please.
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I'm sorry, I really don't have a lot to offer. I have CLL, but have a friend with CML and she experienced the same thing with Gleevec. Wish I could be of more help, but there are lots of people on here with CML, so I'm sure you'll get some more answers soon.

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Hello A. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am 51 and was diagnosed in Dec 2008 with CML and remember clearly how scared I felt and my family felt too. I have been on Gleevec since January 2009 and have had excellent results. Not in remission yet but getting closer. I do have more joint pain and muscle pain now but feel that the side effects are worth putting up with over the alternates. It is difficult for drs to predict life span for CMLers as there are many variables involved, however prognosis is much better now with Gleevec then pre-Gleevec. There are many CML patients surviving who have been on Gleevec for several years and continue to be in remission. Be sure to have your dad with a doctor that specialises in treating CML patients and remain positive. All the best to you and your dad.

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Wish I could offer more info but since I was just diagnosed w/CML my personal data base is very limited. I'm a 66 year old male with no previous history of any cancer. Went for a routine physical and my physican found an enlarged spleen................next day I was told I had CML. Forutnately, my physician referred me to a hematologist/oncologist who confirmed my physican's diagnoses. Have been on Gleevec for three weeks without any side effects( muscle spasms are a known side-effect). My symptoms have abated( no more chills,night sweats). Suggest you find a CML specialist for your father. There are new replacement drugs for Gleevec. Good Luck

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I was diagnosed with CML in October 2009, and am on 300mg of gleevec daily. The cramps are a side effect of the gleevec. It does get better with time. I got them all the time when I started treatment, but don't get them anymore.

Remind him to take his pain medication. I started off trying to take as little pain medication as possible and was often miserable. My doctor advised me to take it as prescribed and to not let the pain get out of control. Pain causes not only physical pain, but also has the effect of agravating depression.

I know for myself, when I'm in pain, I feel more depressed, and it's quite a battle to feel positive about the treatment if my body feels so down.

Tell the doctor about the cramps. Maybe they should change the dosage or the medication. There are other drugs available that he can take. I know sprycel is one of them.

Hope he feels better soon. And hugs for you too.

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