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I got the results of my PETscan today and there is no CANCER!! Hurray!! I had some fluid in the area of my hysterectomy- which my former oncology nurse aunt said will get reabsorbed and a slightly enlarged liver. This may be due to my high Cholesterol when I started this journey. Since then I have lowered my number to 235 better, but not super duper I know. I continue to watch what I eat and minimize animal fat as much as I can.
I wanted to come on and say thank you for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. I still have to see the oncologist on the Oct. 19-but feel like I can handle whatever he says as long as it isn't more Cancer, which it isn't,. I appreciate all your help and support!
Much love


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    Woo Hoo
    Glad you had good news. That's the best kind to get.
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    Great News Jamie
    Such wonderful news.....please let us know how your appointment goes on the 19th. I hope your oncologist is as excited!!

    Hugs, Karen