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No idoine diet

lisa 28
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I had a total throid removal.It was papaillary cancer.I have to go on a no idione diet before the tyrogen shots.And then the radation pill,the a total body scan.Any suggestions on what to eat ?

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you can go on www.thyca.org or www.checkyourneck.com and print a low iodine recipe book. They also give you guidelines on whast you can and cannot eat.

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Had my thyroidectomy done on Oct. 8th followed by second surgery on Oct. 22 for checking surrounding lymph nodes and tissue samples. Schedule to see the Endocrinologist on Nov. 14th for further treatment. I've been told by Oncologist ENT that I will be going on a low iodine diet prior to RAI treatments. My question is how severe is the hypothyroidism while you on the diet and were you able to function and work? Did the Endocrinologist recommend staying off work during this time frame? My job is rather physically active and I work 12 hour shifts.

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I tried to work right up to RAI. I came within 4 days. I also work very physical 12 hour shifts, but decided it was best for my patients and myself if I stayed home the last weekend. I start RAI on Tuesday morning. LID wasn't the hard part, it just meant I had to bring all of my own food, home cooked. Hypothyroid is what made me dangerous. I am a night shift RN on a progressive care floor. Between edema, brain fog, and extreme fatigue, I just didn't feel safe at the end. I called in for the last four shifts. Having spoken to the people I work with, it was a good thing. I couldn't make a cup of tea without taking a 30 minute rest after, I would not have kept up, let alone work safely. I've also heard you shouldn't drive at the end of hypo. I don't think I could do that either. Good Luck.

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