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New patient

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My husband had biopsy last Monday and received the word on Wednesday, that 4 of the 12 samples taken were cancer. According to the biopsy report:
PSA 6.20, Free PSA 20.0% Gleeson grade 6 (3+3)
3 samples read Adenocarcinoma of the prostate, 1 reasds small focus of porstatic adenocarcinoma. One sample involves 50% of one core. Two samples read perineural invasion identified. I am trying to research as much as I can before we go back to the Dr. for consulation meeting on Nov. 4th. I can not believe that we have to wait a month before going back to the Dr. that is as hard to deal with as dealing and hearing that my husband has cancer. I lost one parent to colon cancer and another parent to leukeima, I need to get a grasp on this quickly so that I can support my husband in any way that I can. I will do whatever I can for him, I wait him to live a very long life. He is 64 years of age. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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So sorry to hear about your husband. This is a really great support group and has helped me tremendously. I am 55 and had Davinci surgery for prostate cancer in August of this year.

The good news is they have caught your husbands cancer very early at a Gleason 6. Waiting a month is not that uncommon. From the time I was diagnosed till surgery was about 4 months. I would suggest that you read as much as you can about the cancer and realize that your husband will be around for many more years. My dad was treated back in 1997 for prostate cancer and is still doing great! Tbere are many options your husband will be faced with for his treatment. That is why you need to read about each of them and discuss with your doctor the best treatment plan. Their is surgery, Seed implants, Radiation to name just a few. I would suggest that you start with getting the book by Dr. Patrick Walsh on Surviving Prostate cancer. It is an EXCELLENT Book and you can order it online from any of the book sellers. I purchased 3 other books at the local book store and only really needed the Book By Dr. Walsh.

Please keep in touch with this forum since everyone on hear really cares!


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We welcome you to the site, but truly are sorry you have to be here. This is a very experienced and supportive site. I myself found this site in June of this year after being diagnosed.

The next few weeks can be really tough as you dive into a research mode that can be overwhelming at times. There are so many resources available that they in themselves can be a bit taxing.

To begin, just take a deep breath and know that while a month may seem long it is a time to get over the shock and become educated. There are many alternatives at your disposal and the successes of each far outnumber the failures. No matter the research, you will find repeatedly the advice that each decision is an individual matter. There is no one method that is right for everyone.

Each of us can only give you the information from personal experience and based upon the decision for treatment that we selected that was right for us. You will find that in every support group that you may visit.

To begin let me recommend the following;

Dr. Patrick Walsh's book "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" - this is almost thought of as the bible on Prostate Cancer

Try this website -http://poptop.hypermart.net/proscancer.html -of all of the sites on the basics of understanding prostate cancer I think this is one of the more complete and easily understandable.

Lastly, add to your research list the website at healingwell.com - click on the forums/chats and scroll down to Prostate Cancer. This is one of the more active forums and is also extremely knowledgeable. You can easily look through all of the different topics and their following discussions. A word of caution though, these guys a very straightforward, open and honest. No punches are pulled and all things are discussed. If you decide to participate there I suggested that you just copy your entry here and post it there. You will find that in less than a day many of the members will post greetings and offer information. They will also ask a lot of questions. This is to allow the more experienced of them to provide specific information relative to your husband's situation.

Personally, I received tremendous support and information from both of these sites. My decision was to go with surgery. I elected robotic surgery via "da Vinci". That is a term that you will hear a lot. My surgery was done on September 17th, so you can see that I am not yet 3 weeks post surgery.

As you look at alternatives and discussions on PCa (abbreviation for Prostate Cancer) you will find many side bars about the 3 primary concerns that all men consider when selecting how they will deal with it. 1- Take care of the cancer; 2-The incontinence issues that accompany to greater and lessor degrees the alternatives; and 3 - The Erectional Dysfunction (ED) that will be addressed with each alternative.

Your husband already is starting from a very strong basis. He has a very loving and supportive wife. We all recognize that we could not travel this path alone and our partners are affected by this cancer just as much as we are. Faith, hope and positive attitudes go a long way in battling PCa.

You and your husband will be added to the daily prayers of our family.

Blessings to you and your husband,


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You're not alone in this journey. You will find so many prostate cancer survivors walking with you and giving you and your husband the support you need. I was diagnosed in March 2007 with a Gleeson score of 6 (3+3)... that went to a score of 7 within eight months by the time I had a radical prostatectomy via laparoscopy surgery in November 2007.

Here's the odd thing about the timing: I live in Canada under a socialized medical system where the waiting time can be months or years before getting an appointment. However, I was able to see my surgeon within one day of my phone call... why? Because I had cancer. I (with my surgeon's blessing) decided to wait until late autumn to have the surgery, because quite frankly, I was confused and undecided with how much information was out there. In the end, I chose the surgery route because it was the right thing for me. The cancer would be gone... out of my body forever.

The one-month wait before seeing the doctor can be used to gather information and most of all, to adapt your mind set and to accept where you are right now. I said to my wife when I was diagnosed, "I will not die from cancer... instead, my objective is to be killed by a jealous husband when I am 99 years old!" (Keep a good sense of humour, because it helps when you are at your lowest point.)

Remember: It's a journey and it is to be taken one step at a time and at your pace.

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Hi and welcome to the best site on the internet. I am 2 days shy of 5 weeks post-op from Davinci surgery.

I also lost both my parents to cancer, dad to prostate and mom to breast.I can feel your urgency as i went through the same thing. This is going to be hard to do but take a deep breath,and do your research on the doctors experience and please get a second opinion.

I had my samples sent to John Hopkins(250.00 w/o insurance)It made no difference in my case but gave me some peace of mind that 2 hospitals and doctors concurred.

Quick note I had a 24 needle 6 core biopsy. out of 6 cores 5 were positive for cancer all with perineural invasion present.Also I was 50-100% involved in the 5 cores. My main concern was to remove the cancer first and worry about the other stuff later(incontinence and ed problems) I am 52 years of age.

I took about 3 months from discovery to actual operation. I was lucky in I have almost no incontinence and have NO positive margins,meaning the cancer was confined to the prostate.

What I am trying to say is read posts here, pray and cry and dont let this bring you down here you have others who have traveled the road and are very willing to help.

Sorry for rambling and hope this helps some,keep posting any questions you have and someone will have been through it and give you the best answer possible....


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Thank you so much for the great feedback, I had paper & pen last night taking notes from everyone. I agree that this site is the best, I used this site 9 years ago when my Mother had colon cancer and I do not know what I would have done without it!! I will make sure that I go the sites recommended and begin our research. God Bless each and everyone one of you, I am sorry that we are traveling the same journey but thankful for your support.

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New patients wife, I was diagnosed in June and had the DaVinci Robotic surgery last Thursday, Oct. 1st. I am 56 and as with ya'll it was really a shock.I am almost 5 days post op DaVinci and getting better each day. My wife found this site after I was diagnosed. It sure is a comfort when a man knows his wife loves him so much. As everyone has said, you will be well informed and be ready with your "written down questions" when you meet the doctor. Writing them down helped us or we would probably have forgotten half of them. We will all be praying for a full recovery. John

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Please clarify for me.........what was the involvement of each of the four cores?......so that your husband is not over or under treated, its a important to get a second opinion of the biopsy by an expert in the field.......(since viewing these parrifin blocks is complicated)....one of a few experts is Dr. Epstein, Johns Hopkins........simply call your doctors office and have the slides sent. Generally this is covered by medical coverage.

There is more than one doc, so look for an expert in the field......simply bring your medical records with you.

Diagnosed March, 2009
Active Surveillience, that is being closely monitored.
PSA: Jan 09-2.2.....July 09 2.5
3+3=6 gleason
2 of 12 cores positive; less than 5 percent involvement in each
Stage T1

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Hi Landor, five years ago when I was 46 pc hit me.I did not find any support group,it was just
GOD and myself.it is been five years after my laproscopy surgery and my psa is 0.04.
I had help many people including my brother to deal with pc.listen carefully.the doctor will
recomend many tests to find out if cancer has gone anywhere.all the test will come back negative.If your husban decide to go for surgery the patology results will be as fallow.
cancer stage PT2aNxMx,
gleason score3+3=6/10
Tummor volume 5%to8% of the prostatete involved by tumor.
you can save this post.I will almost garanty this result.Please you and your husban take it ease it will be ok.

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Hi Landors,

You have come to the right place for answers and encouragement. I was 47 when diagnosed with pc. I had my Davinci surgery on September 3. Everyone is different in exactly how their body responds to the surgery. I went to Vanderbilt to have my surgery. That was certainly an excellent experience for me. My wife read Walsh's book in about one day. There is a lot of great information about prostate cancer to read about.

I'll keep you in my prayers! God bless.

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