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Swollen Circumvallate papillae

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Has anybody had these with chemo? They just came up yesterday and I also have swollen lymph glands under my throat. I can't taste anything and my throat is really hurting but I'm not running a fever. It has been a week since my last chemo treatment.

Scared Debbie

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Is that a type of neuropathy? I got really bad neuropathy in my mouth that still occurs in my salivary glands. I've never heard of that term, though. Is it neuropathy in your lymph nodes?

Interesting. I hope it isn't too painful. I know the neuropathy sure as heck can be.

Take care of yourself, and remember to avoid those cold beverages!


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From what I read on the internet, these are glands everybody has at the back of your tongue. You can't see them unless they are swollen and mine are big enough to see without a flashlight. I don't know why they are swollen, but a lot of things I read on the internet leads me to mouth cancer. I am calling my doctor in the morning for an appointment. I just wanted to know if anyone else has or have had them.

Cold Diet Orange drink is all I can taste, so I am drinking a lot of it.


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Chemo affects your throat, gum, soft tissue in the mouth and throat, colon lining and salivary glands under your chin. My lymph nodes would swell before a throat or mouth sore would appear, too. I had red splotches on my tonsils and throat after chemo and they lasted several days to a week after each treatment.

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