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Last chemo

lolad's picture
Posts: 671
Joined: Jun 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that i have my last chemo tomorrow!!!!!! Im so excited.


lovelylola's picture
Posts: 279
Joined: Aug 2009

Just another step to check off on the way to dance with NED! I am so excited for anyone who is finishing since I still need to start. It helps me see that it isn't forever as I follow those who go before me! Have a good rest tonight and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Lola

elm3544's picture
Posts: 748
Joined: Jul 2009

Congratulations! What a great feeling it is.

Alexis F's picture
Alexis F
Posts: 3602
Joined: May 2009

Congratulations on your last chemo today Laura!


chickad52's picture
Posts: 499
Joined: Jun 2009

CONGRATS to you on your last chemo treatment. I have 4 more to go and I'm counting down. Hugs, Diane

meena1's picture
Posts: 1005
Joined: Oct 2008

Early Congratulations! You made it. I hope your son feels better now that chemo will be finished, what a relief...take care

ppurdin's picture
Posts: 1151
Joined: Jul 2009

oh you are so lucky to be done with Chemo.I just got started.do you have to do radiaction?Take care.God Bless.(Pat).

chenheart's picture
Posts: 5180
Joined: Apr 2003

OMG....yippeee yiii ki ooohhhh! Can u believe it? it is your last chemo~ wonderful! One more milestone on your way to Life After Treatment! Awesome! Thanks for the great news! :-)


outdoorgirl's picture
Posts: 1569
Joined: Apr 2009

That's awesome!Congratulations!!

Kylez's picture
Posts: 3765
Joined: May 2009

Congratulations Laura! I am so happy for you!

Kylez ♥

Dawne.Hope's picture
Posts: 825
Joined: Sep 2009

Congratulations! :)))

Posts: 117
Joined: Jul 2009

Congratulations! Well done you!

Christmas Girl's picture
Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

Not easy. So - good for you! For finishing, getting it done.

Akiss4me's picture
Posts: 2192
Joined: May 2009

Can you believe tomorrow will be your last chemo? I'm always in awe when something is accomplished that I thought I would never make it through. And you did it raising kids to boot!! I'm giving you a standing ovation! No, really, I am STANDING!! Ok, hold on, pulling up a chair, climbing up on top...there can you see me now? Geesh....I hope plateform shoes come back in fashion! Pammy

Jeanne D's picture
Jeanne D
Posts: 1867
Joined: Mar 2009

Congrats on finishing chemo! That is an amazing milestone to overcome! You should be very proud of yourself! We are of you!

Love, Jeanne ♥

tommaseena's picture
Posts: 1771
Joined: Feb 2009

Congrats--now you will have extra time on your hands and you won't know what to do with it.

Take that extra time and relax and do something special for yourself.


outdoorgirl's picture
Posts: 1569
Joined: Apr 2009

Laura,go for it Girl! So happy for you!!
Whoops,just saw that I had already congratulated you-oh well,here's even more-it and you are worth it!

laurissa's picture
Posts: 773
Joined: Sep 2009

So glad for you, how many rounds did you have ? Were they successful? I just started my first round yesterday and have 5 more. Hope it takes care of this, 25% chance it won't, I guess there is other treatments if it doesn't. Hope you're doing better.

outdoorgirl's picture
Posts: 1569
Joined: Apr 2009

try not to think of it that way!No,none of us knows-we just hope! And I've had 2 good mammos so far after my treatments,and am working on my 3rd-one day(sometimes 1 minute) at a time-that's what you have to do!
Hang in there!

e_hope's picture
Posts: 371
Joined: Sep 2009

Yeaaaaaaaaa.... that's great... one step closer

tgf's picture
Posts: 954
Joined: Mar 2009

The flaming flamingoes are doing their fancy feather dance for you. :-)


MyTurnNow's picture
Posts: 2690
Joined: Aug 2009

I am so excited for you. One portion of treatment done!! Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

Noel's picture
Posts: 3100
Joined: Apr 2009

Congrats to you Laura on finishing chemo! Celebrate!

♥ Noel

rjjj's picture
Posts: 1826
Joined: Jan 2009

That is cause for a huge celebration!! congratulations. I am proud of you!
hugs, jackie

Posts: 4376
Joined: Jun 2009

So happy for you! A big celebration is in order here!


meena1's picture
Posts: 1005
Joined: Oct 2008

Yeah!!! Now you are officially finished, so party on and eat all those foods you could not eat on chemo. Have a Margarita or a Corona and celebrate in Pink style..

Marcia527's picture
Posts: 2749
Joined: Jul 2006

We're so excited,
and we just can't hide it.
Here we go, here we go.
We're going to dance with NED
and be ever fed with joyous rapture.

Congratulations. You can't see me dancing and that is a very good thing.

VickiSam's picture
Posts: 9085
Joined: Aug 2009

The fatigue and side efforts are crazy.. I am in awe of anyone finishing Chemo or Rad's ..

Working, mother of 3 .. single .. KUDOS to you..!!!!!!

Dancing with my chair ...


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Jeanne D
Posts: 1867
Joined: Mar 2009


DianeBC's picture
Posts: 3886
Joined: Jun 2009

Congrats Laura!

Hugs, Diane ♥

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