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Neck Disections recovery times and eating schedules.

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I know there is a post a few lines down about radical neck disections but I wanted more specific info. If you can, can you tell us the:

Type of disection- was it radical, was it selective?????
Time spent in hospital?
How long on pain meds?
How soon after you could eat by mouth?
How soon after you could leave the house?
How long before feeling returned?
Any lasting permanant effects?

I'm going in for one at the end of the month?

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Who is 'us'? Just wondering (from your post: ("can you tell us").

Sounds like a quiz. The correct answer, I think, is that there is no way of knowing. People can give you guesstimates, of course, but that is all they will be. It is not just a tired adage that cancer affects each of us differently. It does.

Another correct answer, I think: all of the things you ask about will come to you in time, more likely than not, some sooner than others. Patience is a virtue (another tired but true adage).

In the event that you are a medical student or a researcher of some sort (not an indictment, of course, but a hypothesis), you should be aware that AMA, APA, and ACS, among others, would consider it unethical and unsupportable to conduct surveys under the blanket of fabrication and without approval of such research from the governing bodies that are in place precisely to nip such misguided efforts in the bud.

I am sure that is not the case. Just saying.

Good luck with your pending dissection. I am hopeful, confident, even, that all will go well.

Take care,


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I have BOT cancer, just finished chemo and radiation. Trying to gain some insight on what a neck disection entails as I will be having one. Yes everyone is different, but general knowledge is also useful. "us" are the other members of the board who I'm certain will also be interested. It is a quiz, I'm seeking information, therefore I ask questions. Isn't that why we're all here. I'm just a scared person with cancer trying to find some comfort in others experience!

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I understand exactly where you are coming from - I always ask a lot of questions until I can make sense of things. I would have asked probably the same questions, especially about when can you leave the house. While we don't have any control over what is happening to us with cancer, we do try to picture some of the more practical things and the only way we can do that is by asking questions of those who have gone through similar issues. Yes, everyone is different, but sharing information gives a general perspective on what to expect and gives us personal benchmarks. Keep on asking questions until you understand. Keep on plugging - I hope your next leg of this journey is quickly behind you. Only good thoughts are going your way. Dazey

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Once again I am just a person sticken by this horrible cancer. Go back and read some of my posts. I seek only information and try to provide it when I have experrienced it. Joe I commend the service you do to this forumn as you have been very helpful to many. I think the questions were valid as there are at least a dozen variations of the neck disection. I still have the feeding tube in me and was wondering when it could come out, I have read that many folks can eat almost immediately after the disection. As I said there is a post a few lines down that talks generally about neck disections, I was looking for those who could provide specific information for someone like me facing the same road. Hopefully, now that we have passed some initial mistrust we can come together as a group and actually provide useful information to someone facing a neck disection. At this point if you have had one feel free to answwer any of the so called quiz questions if you wish. Appreciate the support Dazey.

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