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anyone on here

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i am looking to talk to someone about bladder cancer

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Maybe I can help...what would you like to know?

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I start them on Monday. Worried what to exspect and side effects.


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I can't say for everyone, but I just right now got home from my 4th bcg treatment, and am doing fine with them no problem at all they are easy and I expected something too but no problems at all.

I told the nurse today since the surgeon there who is my Doctor operates on Wednesdays and wasn't there that all I had was fatigue. SOmetimes Wednesdays and Thursdays mainly I am extra tired but I have been dragging some compared to normal.

Since I as really short on iron hough, and just recently had started iron pills after the Doctors asked me to for months it could be a shortage of iron, or the treatmens not sure which and the nurse is going to ask the Doctor.

Other then tireder then usual nothing at all for symptoms for me anyway.

Well will have to add to this this four treatment I had urgency, burning when urinating and a couple of spots of blood but small amounts onl twice. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I called my Doctor's office but she was gone for day operataing and her nurce and receptionist had left for the day.

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I had it many years ago ..had bladder & prostrate removed
... I would not recommend the neo bladder .... the surgeons do not properly inform you of the issuew with it

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I had mie removed along with prostrate and I had the Neo- Bladder put in. I am doing pretty good with the Neo-bladder but it does take time to get used to it and work. I feel more like a person with it rather than having the bag put on at my age. I am 32 now and it has been a year.I do have a lot of problmes with direaha sice the surgery. They keep telling me I need more time to heal. That is the big downside of it due to where they take a piece of the instine and it is senistive.

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