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aloe vera

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A friend suggested drinking some distilled aloe vera during radiation treatment- does anyone have any knowledge about this? Is it safe? Is it helpful? Any input is appreciated. Dazey

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Whats the side effect that aloe vera would soothe? I mean what is the specific discomfort that aloe vera would considered?

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It is supposedly going to soothe the sore throat from radiation and any stomach discomfort from the extra mucous. I do not know if this is something that should be tried, so I am asking for input. Thanks for your response - Dazey

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First when I was going through radiation I could not find pure aloe vera anywhere. Everybody sells it, but its all mixed with something, usually alcohol. Acohol is the last thing you want in your mouth or your stomach. If you wanted to try a mouth rinse/gargle with a pure version maybe from a plant I don't think it would do any harm nor good. Better off with the traditional baking soda and salt solution. I used Providone iodine diluted
15% as a gargle and had 4 minor mouth sores that were gone by the next day. Gargle only, then spit out.

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Glenna M
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Please discuss this with your doctor first as I was told by the nurses NOT to use anything, even externally for a certain period of time before my radiation treatments. Although aloe vera is great for the redness or burning you may experience you don't know what problems it could cause internally if used too close to the treatment time.

Again, please check with your doctor first before trying anything they have not already told you about. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

Take care and the best of luck to you.

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Hello Dazey,

Please trust your doctors and nurses they spend many years learning how to treat and help people. Yeah, we know some of them are not so good but this terrible disease is very dynamic so do not try anything before asking them. Adding new variable to the treatment equation making it harder for your doctors and yourself to solve.

Please take care and best wishes,

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