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Juicing and getting sick question???

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Since my DX of NED (which I can't stop smiling about!!) I have been slowly trying to really watch what I eat and make healthy choices. I started juicing which I love. I started with carrots and apples. Yesterday I made a big glass and added Kale. Then about 30 minutes later I got really flushed and hot and sick to my stomach. I laid down and got dizzy. Then I got up and had to go throw up??? After that, I slowly started to feel better and by night time and today I am back to normal. Could I have introduced too much juice? Could my body have been overloaded with healthy stuff? It was really weird.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Linda:

I've been shopping juicers for some time. (I finally ordered an Omega VERT last week.)

When I watched a demonstration video for the VERT juicer, the man doing the dialogue cautioned against juicing greens (like kale, collards, etc.) in large quantities too quickly. If I remember correctly , he said it could make you sick.

I guess it is, like so many things in life: moderation, moderation, moderation.

I guess you were just getting too healthy too quickly. Who knew?


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Maybe you were coming down with a virus and your body got rid of it!

Anyhow, hope you're feeling fine now!

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Whenever I do my juicing workshops I always warn about starting easy on the greens. Kale is very strong. Start with some romaine lettuce and a little spinach and a little parsley (good specifically for digestion) and work yourself up to kale. Then the longer you juice the more greens you can add like the kale and beet greens etc.

Have you ever eaten kale before? The flushing and vomiting and dizzy sounds like an allergic reaction too. (which is what I've been dealing with--ugh).

But Diane has a point....there's a lot of stuff going around too.

When you go on a juicing detox you may experience a healing crisis where your body dumps toxins and you get sick. I had this happen when I had my amalgams removed (poisonous mercury filings in my teeth) years back and when I detoxed with juicing. It happens.

Way to go on your juicing and eating healthful though!

peace, emily

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