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PSA Rising After Treatment

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Just curious about what may be going on. 58 year old male ( guess I had better be male if I have prostate cancer )
Family history: mother ovarian cancer..8 year survivor, father prostate cancer 10 year survivor, both still going strong in their 80's.
For that reason I had PSA test every year, never over 1.2ng
When diagnosed in December 2007 it had jumped to 5.9ng. I had a Gleason of 3+3 and positive in 10 of 23 cores. Also enlarged prostate...50..My treatment was 9 months Lupron beginning in February 2008 and beginning in October 45 radiation treatments. I do not know the dose but it was one of the strongest. Last radiation treatment was December 20, 2008.

Out of radiation I was at .08ng in January, 1.1ng in March, 1.4ng in June and the results that I just got back for September 2.3ng. My numbers had almost double by the end of June. Now they definately have. Using one of the PSA doubling time calculators, my doubling time is approximately 25 weeks (6months)

Have an appointment scheduled for next week. Anyone have any thoughts?????

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Anxiouslt awaiting any comment from anyone that has had a similat situation

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My husband has advanced prostate cancer with bone metastases. PSA was high in November. With hormone treatments (shots) for the prostate and a drip for the bones, yet the PSA continues to rise. He is now going for another PET scan and CT. He had one two months ago, but he is feeling so rotten and with the PSA going up they sugested another one, in addition to suggesting a cancer hospital. He will probably be going on a combo chemo treatment, but we will have to wait and see..I asked about an antibody treatment that was experimental from the Mayo clinic called Ibilimumab as well as a Protein dose called Prosaposin, but our oncologist said it was experimental, so we will see what the cancer hospital recommends. You didnt say, but have you had a Pet scan? Don't be too concerned just yet, wait for your appointment, ask questions, (write them down) and take it from there. Good luck

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You may have already got your answer as you have already had your appointment. Nevertheless, I'll give you my thoughts.

Remember, you were on Lupron for 9 months and came off it in early 2009? Fact is you likely didn't "nadir" right after your radiation treatments. Most of the time nadir isn't reached for a year or more following radiation. Therefore, the rise in psa may have been caused by the termination of the Lupron. Hopefully, in the next six months your psa will fall and reach its low point as the radiation impact is realized.

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I am now 58 and was first diagnosed in 03 with gleason of 9 and psa of 24. I took one Lupron shot and 40 some radiation treatments. My psa got as low as 1.7 and is now over 30. I have chosen to refuse any more treatment as I am totally happy with the way things are. This cancer caused me to lose my job and insurance and to go bankrupt. Only in America could this have happened so now I work to try to make sure it does not happen to others. I feel like further treatment will not give me a better quality of life nor add significant time to my life. I got all the stress out of my life and that is the main reason I have survived years beyond wht I was told to expect. Worry and stress about your disease will hasten your demise. Find the joy in your life, no medicine can do it for you.

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Hi 2ndBase,

My husband was diagnosed 1 year ago with Advanced Prostate Cancer. It was already outside of the prostate so he could only be treated with hormone therapy (Vantas implant in his arm for 1 year). However, this held his PSA down to .7 for 6-7 months. After having a kidney stone last June, his PSA went up to 12 so he was given Casodex to take for 30 days - PSA went to 18. Two weeks ago he was diagnosed with mestasis and that the cancer was further up in the aortic area of his lymph nodes. We have claimed our healing, Isaiah 53:5 and most importantly, have also learned that we had to change our way of eating.

Because Chemo doesn’t heal prostate cancer any way, we have been searching for a more holistic approach. We have learned a tremendous amount in our search for a natural way of healing. Here are some of the things we feel are helping balance his pH.

1.We started juicing fresh organic veggies twice per day (3carrots, 3 stalks celery, 1/2 apple, 1/4 beet, 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 Ginger) Google Juicing for Cancer.

2.No sugar (use Organic or pure cane) Sugar strengthens the protein bond on cancer cells

3.No pork, red meat (which causes your body to be acidic which breeds disease.)

4.Organice Veggies and fruit(no pesticides)


We have learned that the secret is to get oxygen in the cells where free radicals have destroyed them.

Check out the Gerson Institute in Mexico (because holistic healthcare is illegal in the US). They have a 2 week extensive program which treats many types of disease as well as cancer with whole foods by giving 10-12 fresh juices per day (1 every hour) plus 3 meal and coffee enemas to keep the liver and pancreas from being overloaded with toxins. They actually train you how to do this also. The cost includes a companion or caregiver.

My husband and I can't afford to take two weeks at this time so we are considering going to the 2 1/2 day training at the Gerson Institute in San Diego to learn the process. Take a look at the website, it is awesome http://gerson.org/. It can tell much more than I can.

We are thanking God for the physical manifestation of his healing everyday. He has no pain and lots of energy. We really believe that changing our eating habits as well as the juicing is helping him. We just renewed our gym membership so he can start playing racquetball again.

Also, look on Amazon for 2 cookbooks by Mike Milken, Prostate Cancer Survivor as well as founder of Cap Cure Cancer foundation.

Also, Google "OXY E" - which helps get oxygen into the cells.

God Bless you stay positive and good info will come our way.

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