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I was diagnosed with cancer about 3 weeks ago. I Have a growth on the base on my tongue and it has spread to my neck. Today they did the PET scan to see if it had spread to the lungs or any where else. Later this evening I coughed a little and spit out a small about blood. It is mixed with the saliva. Is this caused from the PET scan or is this from the growth in the throat or worse from the lungs.

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I get it when i sleep with the heat on from being dry in the nose. Living with the fear is the worst part of this every cold or neck pain i get sends me into a sleepless night which causes more symptoms. My tongue swells up all the time and i freak i have had the blood in the mucous a bunch of times and freaked. Ive had several different swellings in the neck area and freak out.
The horrible treatment weeks 3 thru 7 of radiation and the 2 months after were nothing really bad because i knew why i was feeling horrible. Thinking about stuff is what drives me nuts i still have trouble sleeping when my mind gets me going.
I just try and remember the old FDR saying you got nothing to fear but the fear itself.

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Yes I have problems sleeping. I can understand that the treatments might cause some blood. My fear since I have not started treatments is that this has spread to the lungs. I hate tests on Friday (The PET scan was today) and will not know anything until Monday. I appreciate your reply. I have to say that since diagnosed this site has been a great comfort and your I thank you for your response. I believe I will bet this, but they keep saying the worse is if it does spread to the lungs. I have a great support group of family and friends but it is the waiting that is the worse. I am scheduled to begin treatment in 3 weeks. Seems like 3 months.

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I seriously doubt it has spread to your lungs. Althogh an agressive cancer it normally dosen't grow that fast. Probably just from the tumor in your mouth. Wait for the PET results. Try to get on some anti anxiety meds because its the only way you are going to get any sleep through this. Let us know about the PET results.

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