Second Opinion: Need Brachytherapy

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I went to Moffitt today for my second opinion. They did confirm that I am Grade 2 not a Grade 3. The only difference in treatment is the doctor from Moffitt recommends Brachytherapy 3-5 treatments. I do plan to go with the radiation treatments. I'll be going next week for my 6th week follow-up for my surgery and will see if my gyn/onc will help with this plan of treatment. If for some reason he disagrees, I'll go back to the Moffitt Center for them to help set me up.

I've seen posted some information about brachytherapy and have a few questions. (I'm sure I'll think of more down the road). How often do you go for treatments? My mom went everyday for 5 weeks for breast cancer. Any suggestions for treatment. I know that there was one posting where one of you ladies had a difficult time so any help would be

Thanks to all for your support.

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    It's easier to relax in your remission when you've done it all.
    I had 3 rounds of vaginal brachtherapy, 1 week apart. The kind I had was totally painless, just a vaginal cylinder, and no rectal marker or catheter.

    There's a SEARCH feature to this Discussion Board. (top of this page if I remember right; can't see it when I'm typing.) If you type in "brachy" , everyone's posts about their experiences will come up. That's the best way to quickly find any particulat subject.

    Be sure and ask for a vaginal dilator when you meet with your rediation oncologist. That's a simple addition to your daily schedule that will keep scar tissue from forming from the radiation. Not all oncologists bring it up, so you want to be sure and do it. It's no worse than inserting a tampon and no big deal. But if you value your sex life, you'll be glad you are proactive. Best wishes with the brachy.