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To all of my best friends here that I will never meet. This is Tom D in Orlando -cancer gone!-

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This is Tom D and Dale in Orlando.

My da Vinci surgery was Thursday, Sept 24 at ORMC in Orlando. My surgeon/urologist came in Saturday to release me.

He told me he already had the biopsy report back and that my cancer was contained with clear margins. Lymph notes clear, none removed nor needed to be. The cancer is gone!

Today I went in and they took out the staples and catheter. It was very little discomfort when they removed them.

I only took the pain pills Saturday, the day I left the hospital. I am now off of the Cipro also. I wore Depends to the office, because I knew I would be wearing them for a while. Now getting dry, is totally up to me and my body to achieve.

Go back soon to start the penile rehab and then later the first PSA

Thanks to all of you!

Tom D and Dale in Orlando

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Good for you Tom D....I just had my second PSA test last week...numbers still <0.01....cancer still gone... I am having alot of trouble of recent, with incontinence at work...but then I lift heavy at work, and use alot of abdominals also.....so my Doc said it should be accepted that I will leak for awhile...hate it tho, but oh well...I am cancer free. Good foryou and your family...
Jim ( Big Ugly Biker)

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Thanks for giving us the good news about everything. Really glad to here it.

As far as not meeting, did you see my post about the survivors gathering in Orlando on Valentines weekend 2010? It would be great if you and your partner could come on out and join us. I would like to meet you in person. There are a lot of really great people that will be there from the forums as well as a lot of locals from the various support groups in the Orlando Metro area. Give it some thought.

Bless you and yours, may you recovery continue to be great,


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Hi and great news Tom and Dale and congds. on your cancer being contained. Should have good results in the dry and rehab program too.

Best of luck in your future and dont forget to post here once in a while as us veterans can help others who are just starting this journey. 4 weeks post op myself and 52 yrs old I am dry and penile rehab next.

God bless ....Nick

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