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Valentines Day 2010 - Orlando Gathering of PCa Folks and their Loved Ones

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As many of you who have read my posts know, I actively participate in and refer folks to the healingwell.com prostate cancer forum. This is a very large, active, extremely knowledgeable and supportive group. Recently they held a impromptu gathering of forum members in upstate New York. The event was titled and described as GFMPH -Good For Men's Prostate Health. There were many members who could not attend for various reasons. Some suggested that holding an event in other parts of the country would allow more folks to attend.

To this end, yesterday the following forum thread was started. The idea is to hold such an event in Orlando, Florida, in the winter (for the escape of the folks up north), and over the Valentines Day weekend. This weekend was selected as a way to also honor the supporters in our lives that are affected by PCa to as great an extent as we are. We could not make this journey with out them.

I am pasting a copy of this thread here to invite all of you to the event. Please give it some thought. It is still in it's infancy, but already about 15 members have committed to attend. We also have plans to include the local chapters of the PCa support groups US TOO and Man to Man.

Here is the posted thread:

Are you interested in coming to Orlando for an extended weekend February 12-15, 2010? This would be a GFMPH gathering and Valentines Day celebration to include the loved ones that are so important to our lives and recovery.

There seems to be interest in getting together in the warmer climate of Orlando during the winter months. There were many of us who could not attend the recent gathering in New York for various reasons. The NY gathering seems to have gone over very well and those in attendance had nothing but good things to say about it.

I am volunteering to organize such an event in the Orlando area during the winter. Holding it over the Valentines Day weekend seems like the perfect time to do it. We need to celebrate our loved ones that give so much of their time and energy to help us through the whole PCa battle and long term recovery. There is no doubt that their lives are as greatly affected by PCa as is our own. Obviously this will not fit into everyone's schedule, but trips like this seldom do.

Based on your responses I will go out into the medical and business communities and try to get us the most assistance I can for such a worthwhile cause.

I will contract the MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Orlando for the possibility of guest speakers on a range of topics, as well as informative materials and videos. I will also make contact with the local PCa support groups for inclusion into our gathering. I know that for one we have a local chapter of USTOO and Man to Man.

Given the condition of the economy and the daily news of the lagging tourism dollars coming into the Orlando area, we may very well be able to negotiate some attractive lodging discounts.

I am looking for ideas and input as to what you would like to have included in such a gathering. One thing that I feel must be included would be a great dinner, music and dancing gala the night of February 13th.

And it goes without saying that this is not a one man job. So anyone and everyone is invited to jump on board by volunteering to be a part of this organizing committee.

But first things first; Let's see a show of hands for how many of you would seriously consider attending such an event.

I know that it's about 5 months away, but organizing something like this will take a little time and effort.

Let me know what you think,


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Howdy Sonny,

Great to know that you are home now, and hopefully getting along better.

Last evening, we discussed the possibility of making the trip to Orlando for a PCa get together. This next year (2010) is our 25th wedding anniversary, and we had discussed a trip in February to Hawaii to celebrate it, but we could entertain changing the commercial aircraft's direction to the southeast instead of the southwest in order to celebrate. Like most folks on limited income, either trip might be a stretch for us, but depending on air fares and lodging, it might be possible for us to enjoy the warmth of Orlando in February. I was stationed at the Naval Hospital in Orlando from 1972-1973, so I can appreciate the sunny warm days that Orlando experiences that time of year. And leaving the cold of north central Idaho that time of year is truly appealing.

We shall continue to monitor the healing well forum and this discussion board to see what potentially develops.
Thanks for taking the lead on this, and we hope it develops into something fun, relaxing and well attended.


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The wife and I travel alot during the year, usually in Feb we are off to mazatlan for some needed R & R, and warmer weather, but would entertain the idea of Florida. Good of you to put this out here, and for your efforts...
Jim ( Big Ugly Biker)

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Dallas and Jim,

You guys have really been staunch supporters for me throughout this process of mine that started barley 3 months ago. I would really like to meet you guys and your wives in person.

I sure hope you can make it. It's growing some pretty good legs. We now have a day cruise planned on one of the gambling ships that goes out of Cape Canerval (abt 50 miles from Orlando) The bus trip over to the port and the cruise are both free. They just want you to gamble I guess. It is a great way to spend 5-6 hours not counting the bus ride. I would be a could ice breaker early in the weekend and give everyone a chance to meet and greet.

BTW did I mention is was FREE.

We are starting to gather some other thoughts about activities as well. I had a nice conversation with the American Cancer Society rep here in Orlando that coordinates the various local chapters of Man to Man and they would like to invite their members to join us. I will meet with them soon, I think they would like to help us in some activities.

If you have been watching the news in the last few days, Disney has announced a huge volunteer program that will run nationally. Anyone that gives a day of volunteering to one of the thousands of organizations they are working with, GETS A FREE DAY AT DISNEY. So with just a little effort on our parts we would have a free cruise and a free day at Disney. The trip just gets better all the time.

I'll let you guys know as other things come together.

Hope you can make it,


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Sonny this is a great idea and I hope many will attend. Myself I am not sure as I might not be able to afford a trip this soon due to this damn cancer and my missing work.

I will keep in touch in case things change but I really love the idea of getting together with others who have dealt with this.


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Keep us informed. You can email me direct.

Tom D and Dale Orlando

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Count us in. Can't have a party in Florida without a Texan!

Please email the details directly as they develop.

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Sonny, Great to hear you're doing well. Just got back on this site today after radical prostatectomy(DaVinci) last Thursday. Since my wife and I live just north of Ocala, I think this would be a wonderful idea. Please contactme at "ezmorning@embarqmail.com". John

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Things are still coming together for the great weekend. We look forward to meeting all of you and hope you can make it.

Will keep you all informed on the progress.

Send me an email so that I will have your names in the database.


Thanks sonnny

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I live in Cocoa Beach,FL. about 7 minutes from the port and the Sun Cruz Casino Boat. I just happen to be going on that boat Oct 23. The Port is my stomping grounds, partying at Grills, Fishlips, and Millekens Reef regularly. I definitely would like to go on the boat with everyone and would love to at least come up to Orlando for the day. So for me it's very doable.

So fill me in on the details and maybe I could help on the Port end.



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Thanks for getting back to me. Welcome aboard. The weekend is shaping up to be a really good event. I'll try to put out an update the 1st of each month. Then probably in December we will try to nail down confirmations of those attending.

Look forward to meeting you in person.

Hope everything is going well for you,


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Dear Sonny,
I have not been on the board for some time. I have a dr. app. on this coming friday to see what kind of progess I have make since I was injured during my daVinci surgery. I live in St. Louis but I spend Jan. Feb. and March in Florida. We stay in Haines City which is about 23 miles from Disney Land. Sounds like a good deal. I'll keep my eye on the posts. I have to get put back together before I can participate.

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I hope that things soon begin to go your way. You certainly have had more than your share of difficulties to say the least.

The gathering is gaining speed and looks to be well attended. Sure hope you can make it.

I will post updates as it comes together more.

Our prayers and blessings are with you,


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