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side effects from radiation

tiny one
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What have others been told by their Doctors that did their radiation after they were done with treatment? My Dr said she saw no evidence of any vaginal side effects.I have not been able to have relations. I was told to use a dialator. I went to a gynecologist and he said I had vaginal shortening. I feel that they downplay the side effects that you might have from treatment Do any of you feel that your Doctor wasn't being straight with you?

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Both the oncologist and radiation oncologist said very little to nothing at all - they let you bring the symptoms to them. I don't know that it would have changed anything, but they should definitely bring up the possible side effects from this barbaric procedure.

It's interesting to hear of the effects from a woman's perspective - I've learned alot from you and VickCO on your experiences.

I won't be graphic, but from a man's perspective, it's safe to say that things are no longer the same as they were before the 25 radiation treatments below the waist.

My onc explained to me that there was only ONE point of EXIT for either a man or woman, and safe to say, we know which route that it now, but too late for us.

Over time, a couple of years, the tissue damage repaired itself partially, but things just don't work right the way they should - but we were trying to save our lives, and so we went that way.

I get mad all the time about how we have to trade this for that - robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I hope medicine progresses farther than we are today - we are today's guinea pigs - I know we are farther along than our predecessors, but it's still a hell of a price to pay sometimes.

Nice to meet you BTW, Tiny One - I have been reading your posts and I'm on board with you as we ride this Crazy Colon Train to the next stop.

BTW, Mr. Conductor, how much farther to NEDSville, where can we all get off of here :)


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