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Coughing Up Blood

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I'm so scared and I'm just so frustrated. This morning after brushing my teeth I coughed and spit out blood. I rinsed my mouth out and called my husband and coughed again and spit and there was blood again mixed with the spit. It wasn't a lot but enough to make me concerned. I called the oncologist and because I was on my way to a blood test wanted me to take a Pt Ptt & Inr (some coagalation test). Unless I wouldn't have coughed, I never would have known that I was bleeding and I very seldom cough. I just finished chemo and thought I was on my road to recovery and now this. Please keep me in your prayers that it is nothing serious. The ironic part about the whole situation is last year on this date I went to the doctor for rectal bleeding. Last year down below, this year up higher. I'm just wanting for all to be right. I have a scheduled appointment with my oncologist on Thursday. I don't think that she will call me before and nurse said she wants to see what this test shows.

Your prayers are always appreciated.

Hugs! Kim

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Kim, I'm sorry...wonder what that is?

I understand the frustration in your voice - the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step...

Maybe it's an after-effect from all of the chemo you just wrapped up with. Bleeding always gets one thinking - hope the test shows nothing serious.

You hang in there...you've done great :)

Glad I was here to chat with you at this moment in time.


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Dear Kim,
I sure understand your concern. When I was on chemo I had the same thing happen and it ended up being nothing to worry about. Sorry I can't remember specifically why it happens sometimes but it stopped and hasn't happened since. I hope that is the case with you. I know how hard it is and how anxious we get. whenever something new happens to our bodies. I hope with time that this to shall pass. Hopefully you not let this drive you "crazy" until you see your doctor. I will be praying for you. Let us know how things are going.

Blessings to you,

Debbie (gramma)

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What a scary thing to have happen. I hope it turns out to be nothing. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Kim,

Do you think it's possible that the blood you spit out could just have been bleeding from your gums while brushing your teeth? Test it again next time you brush.
But if that's not it, then I'd probably be worried too. I will be thinking of you and praying for you that it's not serious.

Do take care-


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hate what you are going through but as others have said it might not be serious but its hard not to worry you are in my thoughts & prayers let us know how it goes.hugs sonia

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hate what you are going through but as others have said it might not be serious but its hard not to worry you are in my thoughts & prayers let us know how it goes.hugs sonia

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I definitely think you should get it checked but I would suspect something less sinister than cancer. You said you just finished chemo, I would probably start there. your mouth is pretty much the intersection of all your mucous membranes. A small dry patch in your sinuses , throat, lungs would cause a little bit of bleeding. It's been cooling off lately, the change in weather might have caused some dryness. Have you recently turned on your heater or been some where with the heater running? Any of these would result in some bleeding. I hope nothing serious is going on!

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Hi Kim,
What a bummer my friend. I'm sure it will resolve easily but I think it is good you are getting is checked out.

Your in my thoughts. I just said a prayer for you.

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Hi Kim
I know how concerning it can be. It has happened to me a few times since chemo has ended. Usually mine happens in the morning after I get up. It is usually just a one time thing and then I don't see it again for months. I believe it is probably nothing however I understand your concern and wanting to get it checked out.
Hang in there,

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Kim, I had a bloody nose for months during chemo (NOT nose bleeds) and it would drain down my throat at night. Icky! Take a flashlight and look inside your nose.

BTW... I'm 6 weeks out from my final disconnect and my nose is finally semi normal. The Ragweed is bothering me much more than it has in the past. My gums will sometimes have a teeny bit of blood after flossing.

The Crest toothpaste website had a whole page on chemo and dental concerns and it said chemo affects all of our mucous membranes; lining of the colon, upper palate in the mouth, gum, nasal passages, salivary glands, throat and eyes.

Hang in there kiddo! I'm quite sure this is just a combo of seasonal stuff and chemo side effects like John said.

MEANWHILE, I'll pray for you right now.


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Kim, thinking about you and hoping all is well. Please keep us updated. Prayers you way. Petrina

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I want you to be alright too, you are in my thoughts and prayers Maybe it just something simple meds or something.keep us updated



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Nana b
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Prayers sent your way, it could be just as everyone is saying. I have had nose bleeds for the past month and just now clearing up. It was a side affect of chemo.

Fight for my love
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Hi dear Kim,I am so sorry to hear that the coughing blood issue.I hope you are feeling better today.Just want to let you know that you are in my prayers and I hope nothing is serious.Anyway,best luck to you with everything.Take care.Hugsss.

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Wow! that would certainly scare me if I coughed up some blood, knowing me, I'd be on the horn with the doctor right away, I freak out way too easily. Did you find out what it was yet? I just hope and pray it's nothing serious, let us know if you're ok!


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Have ou heard back from the dr? Keep us posted.

you are in my prayers!

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How are you, Kim? What did the doctor tell you? Special prayers are being sent up for you.

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Thank you for asking and your concern. I had wrote a follow up update but some could have missed it. The doctor said she thought it was from my low white count and very low platelet count. She said that blood was very thin and it tends to come to the surface in your body faster and easily can bleed anywhere. She really wasn't concerned at all. Since that morning though I have not had any blood but it was a scary thing. I'm just glad she wasn't concerned.

Thanks for everyone's concern and prayers.

Hugs! Kim

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So glad to hear everything is ok!

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