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Thanks for all of your information about Prostrate Cancer.

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Hi All:

Thanks so very much for sharing information on this billboard about your experience with prostrate cancer. It was very valuable information to me.

On September 10, 2009, I had da Vinci Surgery. The entire procedure lasted approximately 4 hours. I stayed in the hospital for two nights and released. I am currently recovering at home. I am also drinking plenty of water and walking about a mile on most days. I am currently experiencing incontinence and completing the kegal exercises daily.

Reading this billboard was a blessing and very educational. It helped to provide support and prepare me mentally and spiritually for September 10, 2009. Thanks again for sharing your experiences. It was appreciated.

God bless you all with God's Healing Power,

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Drinking lots of water and walking are the best things to do right now. Unless your dr. told you to start the kegels I would lay off of them for a while. Your body needs to heal and that muscle took a beating.

Most drs will tell you not to work them for a least 4 weeks after surgery. There is plenty of time to address the continence issue. Many folks I have talked to report successful progression out of it for 2,3,4 months or longer. Most recover, but you don't want to hurt yourself from the beginning.

Good luck on your recovery and God bless you and your family.


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Hi Sonny:

Thanks for the info.

My Doctor has told me to start the Kegel exercises.

I appreciate your support and encouragement to all of those that have posted billboard comments.

God Bless You and Your Family Always,


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Hi and nice to meet you here Wallace. I had davinci on Sept.3rd. I had a good recovery so far.

No incontienence problems at all.Needed no pain pills after surgery.

Posted my recovery here so I wont go into details but will wish you all the best and dont get discouraged as your body needs healing time,

Listen to your body and always remember the 2 Ws walking and water

Peace to you .And God bless....Nick

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Hi Nick:

Thanks for sharing the information. My surgery was on September 10, 2009. I did not experience any pain. However, when they removed the cather, I have been experiencing incontinence problems. I am drinking a lot of water and trying to walk at least a mile a day.

God bless you and your family always!!! It has been a pleasure sharing experiences, and I appreciate the kind words of encouragement.


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