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Blood Clots

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Hi All,
Last week a CT scan showed that my wife (diagnosed Stage IV colon cancer in August) had multiple blood clots in both lungs. She's now injecting herself twice daily with Lovenox. Two questions: Does anyone have experience with Lovenox and has it been effective? Also, I'm concerned that our teams of docs has not yet scheduled a follow-up scan or blood work. That doesn't seem right to me.
I've only posted here a couple times but I've "lurked" dozens of times and I am so impressed by this loving, caring, intelligent community. We all know that information is power and this is the place to get some solid information.

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Hi, I have had a blood clot at the catheter of my port, which fom what the dr. said it was a very unusual place to have one. Dangerous. The immediately put me in the hospital and I was on heperin IV and cumadin for about 3 months. We did a CT scan and it was gone. A few months later, I had tremendous pressure in my neck and face, my face was extremely red. Off the the ER and just spent 8 days in hosp. I had a complete blockage in my vein and had to have an angioplasty surgery! I am now still taking cumadin and have my blood checked twice a week. I am not familiar with the drug you are talking about. Just thought I would share my experience with you. I hope things work out for you.

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I too had a blood clot in my lung. I started off with Lovenox injections-I think (chemo brain) for about a week or two then I went on coumadin for 3months. Had blood work to check my Pro-time(clotting time)about twice a week and they adjusted the dosage from there. No bloodwork was done when on Lovenox.

They believed the Avastin was the culprit for me. Fortunately I had finished my 6 months treatments. I was supposed to continue for 6 months on Avastin alone but only got one in before the clot and had to discontnue it's use.

I had a significant amount of pain with my because it resulted in a large infarct in my lung. Once I was on the meds it got better rather quickly and scan 6 months( no other scans before that) later it had almost completely resolved. No trouble since.

Hope your wife starts feeling better soon.


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Hi Dan...I'm mostly a lurker too. Currently I am in the hospital after suffering a pulmonary embolism in both lungs. One lung was 100% blocked from blood flow and the other was at 50%. The radiologist told me that he was amazed I made it to the ER alive. They proceeded to do a procedure that I can't begin to spell, but it broke up the clots, gave me TPA to help dissolve the clots and left a filter in my vena cava to prevent any further clots.

They started me on Lovenox injections that night. The goal is to have a large quantity of blood thinner on board. I've gotten two shots per day since Monday and they also started me on Coumadin, which I will have to be on for 6 months. Lovenox is used mostly when you are on chemo because Coumadin creates a bad reaction with the Folfox. If I was going to continue Chemo, they wouldn't have started me on Coumadin.

I know for me they aren't going to do any more scans for at least 3 months because, along with my colon cancer, I also had kidney cancer and the dye they use is hard on kidneys. So they are using the INR to monitor things.

Has the Lovenox worked, I believe so, if the bruising is any indication. Hopefully some where in my rambling I've provided you with some information. Talk with the oncologist about your concerns.

Bless you both,

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Dear Dan,
Seems like communication stopped after our mysterious poster entered in. I just wanted to check and see how you are both doing. I don't have any experience with this but wanted you to know that you're both in my prayers. Please let us know how you're doing.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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Sorry to here of your problems. I also have colon cancer that had spread to my abdomen. I was on the reg 4fu and exloda(sp?) and had surgery all last year. I suggest that EVERYONE with colon cancer get tested for the mutated kras gene (this is a new find about colon cancer). If you have any of the 3 versions of this gene it WILL affect what chemo will work on you. I have the worst(mutated kras) and the whole 1st year that I got chemo was a waste. I have had to have more cancer removed and now have a colostomy and am on CPT11 pray that works. I also had 2 embolisms in my lungs while in the hosp. for my surgery. Some chemo treatments cause blood clots. I am now on wafrin and have a filter in my abdomen for clots.
God bless you and yours,

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