Can't wait to get rid of this anchor!

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Two tips for the catheter. These came from other people.

When inside, put the bag in a two gallon bucket. You can carry it around by the handle. If it should leak (like when I forgot to close the drain clamp) it will stay in the bucket instead of the carpet.

Second, get a large canvas bag to put it in when outside. I don't care for the leg bag.

I have a Alfred Poor's, Computer Cures, from Computer Shopper, black canvas bag with handles that I use. I got it from sending in the tip of the month and it was part of the prize. I have been building computers since 1985. Without computers, the da Vinci robot wouldn't exist.

Tom D Orlando
First pretty good day. I basically sleep all day yesterday.

Surgery was Sept 24 cancer is GONE!


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    Good Tips
    My cath just came out last Wednesday. Although I am sure mine was different than yours. My dr uses the Supra Pubic (the tube comes out the abdomen).

    Didn't use the bucket tip but did use the canvas bag routine. I also didn't much care for the leg bag. Each time I went out to walk (4-5 times per day) I just dropped it in a canvas grocery type bag and away we went. Never really got a second look or question. Not that I would have cared anyway.

    Sounds like you are doing good. Remember, the best recovery comes from drinking lots of water and doing lots of walking.

    Good luck,

    Sonny (in Winter Park)
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    First good news on your surgery and great tips on the catheter. I also used a bucket for the night bag but unlike others here I loved the small leg bag. I didnt do much traveling the first week and when I got up first thing i did was put on my leg bag and felt free.So to speak. I did have to empty it more but wasnt doing much else that week anyway. I live in the country so I could empty it outside when walking or inside. Cancer is gone sounds like a good phrase.....Nick