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Good News and Thanks

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Hi and first the good news. My pathology report came back NO positive margins. Talked to Dr. today he said if PSA is low no further treatment will be necessary(fingers and toes crossed). Now for the thank you part, I would like to thank all men who have had the thoughfulness to post their experiences here. Starting off I got tons of info about where to go for info. and questions to ask my Drs. We seem to have formed a fraternity based around prostate cancer. If it were up to me none of us would ever have had to be here but since we all are my sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of you and if in any way my posts helped 1 person to deal with this I will be happy. God bless you all and a round of applause to each and every person and family this Cancer affects....Never give up and every day is a blessing to quote a friend here.....Nick

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Good stuff Nick. Your posts and details have also left behind valuable information for those that are surely to follow in our steps down this PCa path.

You have been a staunch supporter to the rest of us as well.

Now don't forget to drop in from time to time. There will be others coming along that will look for guidance and now that you are experienced you can add a lot to the conversations.

Best of luck man. Here's a prayer for you to be a member of the "ZERO CLUB" for many years to come.


Posts: 214
Joined: Jul 2009

As Arnold said I'll be back. I am hoping to be a member of the 0 club and will post my Psa in 2 weeks after my Doctors appointment...Thanks again...And I believe your prayers and the prayers of others have helped...Nick

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Hi NM I am very happy that just like me thank God you are part of the 0 club,I had been psa 0.04 for almost five years.The group I belong was finished a couple of years ago.
In that group,like in many others when people get very good results,they forget that at one point they needed a shoulder to cry.In my opinion,God has put the test in our life to see
how we deal whit it.I personaly has taken an active efort to help any body whom is afected by
pc;and to me it is very sastifactory when I can help.GOD bless you and keep you,the other and myself at psa=0.

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