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Any ideas?

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Hello, I'm new to this board. I'm a daughter-in-law of an esophageal cancer victim. He, Willie, is 81, was supposed to have surgery on July 12 to have it removed. They started then found some spots on the abdomin wall and aborted. He is on hospice care. He can't eat and has no desire to. His voice is crackly. His 2 most desired things in life are FOOD & TALKING.....
His spirits are and have been good until this morning. He floored me when he said he is going to ask if he can stop taking the feeding tube.
We don't know how long he has, which is frustrating cause I'm a planner and this day to day thing is very unsettling. I am trying very hard. I'm very honest with him. I feel for him.
What do I do now.

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I understand, but may not like it too much. I don't want him to be in pain. It's looking like the tough part is coming fast. Faster than we expected. He is scared of choking to death (not being able to bring up flem). And today it's been an "out-of-breath" feeling that has him thinking. I can understand that feeling (I have asthma) That IS Scary. It is hard to deal with symptoms if he can't describe them to us.
Keep me posted on your treatments.

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I was reading your post and I am feeling very sad about your situation. I must be very difficult for you and your family not being able to know what to do for him all I can say is to try to keep him comfortable as possible.

I wish I had some answers for you but I don't I just want you to know that I will keep you and you family in my prayers.

May God Bless You and Your Family

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