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Neulasta bone pain

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I had mild bone pain from my Neulasta shot in the beginning. I woke up Saturday morning with severe bone pain that lasted all day long and night. I could not sleep. It rained all day long. Has anyone else experienced more bone pain with the weather? It is not raining today and the pain is mild again.

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Hi! I have never had a Neulasta shot, so, I am not much help to you. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are in pain and that I hope you find some relief soon.

Sue :)

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I suffered severe bone pain after my neulasta inj.. Did your oncologist order any pain meds for you? be proactive about taking them its the only thing that helps. It would be worse in damp days.. Some chemo drugs can cause this too..

My bone pain got increasingly worse after I started on Taxotere.. My oncologist believed it to be from a combination of Tax and neulasta.. I would have days it hurt to move and the only thing I could do to releave the pain was to take the vicoprofin and lay in bed with heating pads on my legs...

If your problem continues to get worse ... share this with your oncologist... pain is a terrible thing to feel but a treatable thing..

Good luck

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I had bone pain with Neulasta shot and my oncologist tole me to take Claratin.
Ask your oncologist about this.


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I hope that your oncologist can give you something for your pain. Margo has a good idea.


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I never had the bone pain with the a/c but when I started taxol then I noticed the bone pain with the taxol and the neulasta. Margo uses claritin, but I was given allegra. Both are antihistamines...who knows how they work, but they both helped.

Hang in there

Linda T

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Hey There
I had some bad pain too, especially this last week during the non stop rain.Claritin does help.

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