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How soon after surgery does radiation begin?

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helen e
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I will have a lumpectomy(?) on Friday 10/2 and won't know about chemo until the results of the sentinal node biopsy comes back. I have stage 1-2 invasive ductal carcinoma and will have to have 6 weeks of radiation. Can anyone tell me how soon that will start after the surgery? Guess I'm trying to put all my ducks in a row so I know what will happen next and when. Thanks

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Hi Helene and welcome to the site. I haven't started radiation treatments yet, but, will very soon. My doctors all wanted to wait at least 6 weeks after my lumpectomy to make for sure that I was healed. I think that is kind of the standard. They mainly just want to be sure that you are all healed up from your surgery, whatever that might have been. Good luck!


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Well, I've had plenty of time to heal. My lumpectomy. I had it July 30th. My Oncology surgeon wanted it out before I went on vacation, which was Aug 23-19th. I had a General surgeon appointment on the 31st of aug, plus the medical oncologist. Well, the medical oncologist wanted me to do the Oncotype dx test. So this pushed it further along. Then I had some tumors under my left arm biopsied, my Oncology surgeon said they had weird cells, he wanted them out, so I know I needed hernia repair per the General surgeon. So this was supposed to wait until the possible chemo and radiation. Well, it changed with the weird tumors under my left axllia. NOW, I'm told I don't really need them out! Just to keep an eye on them, they aren''t cancer. My Oncology Surgeon thought they were lymph nodes, they weren't. The did some special stain,etc. now they are pretty sure they are neurofibromas, SHEESH! I told them from the get-go I had Neurofibromatosis. SO, I'll probably not start RADS until mid October. Maybe I'll be done by Thanksgiving. this has been a journey I wish didn't happen.

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My rads started a little over 6 weeks from my lumpectomy surgery. I just finished #19 last Friday. It is going really fast for me so far! I wish you the best!

Sue :)

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I was diagnosed in late Feb., had surgery (breast conserving) the end of March, and started my radiation mid May. In between, I was waiting for test results, etc. I had 33 treatments which ended mid Aug because they had issues with the machine. I'm all healed up and on Arimidex for the past month with no real issues. It will be over before you know it! Good luck.


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I had a biopsy on June 25, 2008. I was then diagnosed on July 7, 2008 with Stage 1 breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy on July 16, 2008. I did not need chemo as my Oncotype DX score was low (an 11) I started radiation around September 5th or 6th and finished around October 17th. I guess it was about six weeks after my lumpectomy. I had a vacation planned to Aruba in August 2008 and all my doctors were fine with me starting radiation the beginning of September. Good luck to you!

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My rads started about 7 weeks after my lumpectomy.

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My radiation started 22 days after the lumpectomy.

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about 6 weeks after I had my lumpectomy. My rads oncologist wanted to be sure that I was healed. Wishing you good luck!

♥ Noel

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Jeanne D
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I started my radiation treatments about 6 weeks after I had my lumpectomy. As someone said before, I think between 6 to 8 weeks is fairly common if everything goes ok.

Love, Jeanne ♥

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Alexis F
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I started rads about 6 weeks after my lumpectomy surgery. You will probably be about the same. Let us know!


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