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PEG Question?

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I am 4 months post chemotherapy and radiation. I had my PEG removed about two months ago, after having it for about four months. Almost immediately after my PEG was installed, I had no sense of being hungry or being full, but maintained my intake of Carnation and water. To this date, I have no feelings of hunger or fullness. I was one of the lucky ones who, after 28 radiations and later, Brachytherapy, did not lose my taste buds. I eat at meal times and something in my head tells me when to stop eating. I was 275 prior to treatment, dropped 55 lbs, and keep an almost constant weight of 220. My ENT, Oncologist, and RO, all say my situation if more than likely caused by the radiation. Hve any other "PEG feeders" experienced this situation???

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I'm making an educated guess based on nothing. My peg is located 6" under the left pectoral. It seems to me that this puts the food in relatively high to the stomach. I always felt full when using the peg with small amounts of food. Could it be that we got used to using a small amount of stomach area tp fill and are not used to filling an extended cavity? I still have mine in so cant' relate totally.

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I had pretty much the same experience. I'll be one year out come Oct. 5, and I now feel full when I should. I do get hungry -- when my stomach tells me I'm hungry -- but I'm starting to redevelop my appetite as well.
I used to weigh 190 before treatment. Now I'm at 155 and holding steady, which is right where I ought to be.

--Jim in Delaware

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I guess it may be the location of the PEG...it's about where yours is Ratface (geez it's hard to call someone that!!). And Delnative, I appreciate your comment. So far you are the only person in the world that can relate. My doctor's look at me like I'm nuts...I also thought it might have had something to do with the Brachytherapy because I have not made contact with anyone that has had it besides a friend here in NM but he does not have the same sense of no hunger/no fullness.

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Considering your size and the treatment protocol you may want to have bloodwork specific to TSH (Thyroid function). If your TSH is high, meaning an under-producing Hypothyroid condition, it can have a huge impact on many areas including appetite, mental focus, emotional balance, etc.

It is apparently common in those of us who have had radiation therapy to the neck (Thyroid Gland is in the zone) to have Hypothroidism at some point. In my case it set in fairly soon afterwards.

Worth a check with your Docs. I imagine they have already monitored TSH with your existing bloodwork.

Good luck.................JK

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Thanks for pointing out the Thyroid. I have a physical scheduled with my family doctor so I will add Thyroid to my list for having my blood drawn and checked. Am I correc t in assuming a blood test would identify Hypothyroidism?

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