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Countdown to Operation

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Just joined about a week ago. This whole EC for me started around April of this year. I've had Radiation and Chemo therapy and well now on to surgery.

Okay, so I'm having my surgery on the 10th of october, 2009. I am very nervous, not quite sure what to expect afterwards. I haven't had anything to drink or eat for the last two and a half months. I think i've even forgotten how to eat.

I would like any insight on what to expect after surgery. I am having a two part surgery. 1st part they will remove my esophagus. 2nd part they will attach my stomach to my throat .

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Hi my name is Lori my sign on is :MOE", My husband had surgery on July 23, and was in hospital for 18 days he also had his esophogus removed and his stomach pulled up he had a hard time in the beginning but is now doing great, we just had our 2 month anniversary just this week. Its not an easy process but you will do fine GOD has other plan for you. You don't say how old you are, my husband was only 45 at the time of diagnosis, he had 3 rounds of hard chemo, and so far no radiation, we go to the doctor on the 1st for a pet scan to see if anything is back and then we talk to the radiation doctor. We have alot of people on this site going through all kinds of problems, I too was scared in the beginning but have now become a stronger person. I have this joke on this site called "MOE"S BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR AND BIG BOY"S UNDERWEAR< you might want to go back and read some. I have posted several things since July so you are welcome to read those also.

Why haven't you eat? for 2 months?

We are here for any kind of help.

Lori aka moe

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Hi Moe. My name is Luis, i'm 38.

The two part surgery will be in the space of 5 days, the doctor said it was so I can have a better chance of it attaching; When they stretch my stomach.

I haven't been able to swallow a thing not even liquid without pain. I have a feeing tube and its been hard. I guess im getting my nutrients but i'm lost so much weight since this whole EC started. i'm down to 140 lbs and my weight was always about 180.
I'm having trouble with saliva buildup and even a small amount of saliva that is swallowed it hurts.

I will look up the back postings. Thanks for you post I know GOD has a plan for us all. This whole thing has made me appreciate every little detail that before I use to take for granted.

I miss steak!!


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My name is Kathy aka Mumphy my Husband Al is waiting to have his surgery also. He has gone through several rounds of chemo and the tumor has shrunk enough for surgery. He will be having the minimal invasive type done with laproscopes. Sorry to hear you are still having
trouble swollowing, Al still does not have a feeding tube but he did have an esophageal stent put in during his EUS and that has helped him alot. He has also lost about 50 lbs.
but has gained about 6 back. We will know on October 1st when the date of surgery will be.

I too am very nervous but God has gotten us this far so there will be no turning back!

Good Luck & God Bless

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Hi Kath,

Thanks for the greetings and post. Looks like your husband and I are probably feeling the same things right now. I will have the minimal invasive surgery as well. I wish you and your husband the best with what is to come. I know GOD never gives us a load we cannot handle.

Keep me posted as to your husbands surgery date.

God Bless

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