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Just as things where looking up i get hit with another wammy
I had my 6 month check up and the papsmear came back normal NED and I are now friends
Then on Wensday I notice my left foot is swelling up. Thinking it is just because I have been up and about more just let it go. BUT it never went down, looks like it is lymphedema. Doctor had me go in for dopler to check for blood clots and it was clear. So now i have to wear compression stocking and hope it goes away. If not i can go to lymph clinic i think i will wait and see.
Sorry i havn't been on much I do miss all of my friends here. But between work and finally back to school i don't have much time.

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I hesitated to get compression stockings for my swelling ankle and foot, since my lymphpdema hasn't been confirmed by Doppler or anything, and they cost $50 for 3 pair. But WOW! If I wear these knee highs, I have NO swelling at all and none of that 'lead legs' heaviness when I go to bed. I am going to get 3 more pair. I got them in 8-15mmHg, the lower of the 'compression' pressures they sell. I can't recommend them too strongly.

When I asked my oncologist about my swelling ankle and foot, he said he was surprised it wasn't worse with 25 lymph nodes taken and the remainder in my pelvic region getting 28 rounds of radiation. Please try the compression socks. They look nice under slacks and feel WONderful, sooo much better than I'd hoped for. I'm going to try the compression 'trouser socks' that come in more colors and even in patterns, and hope they will work as great as the athletic compression kness highs I got.

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Also have minor L. leg lymph after losing a few lymph glands. Dr sent me to physio where I was taught to do self massage. Also wear Jobst compression stocking during the day...not a hassle. Able to wear skirt/knee highs [no stocking] for a day with no problems as long as I massage.

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I did get compression knee highs and wear them it is very helpful My doctor sent me massage booklet and i can get my hubby to rub my feet. I just remimber putting the ulgy while hose on the ladies at the nursing home but the new hose are really nice. Plus it is getting colder in MN and it keeps my leg warm

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