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Since my husband was diagnosed in 2006, his hearing has deteriorated significantly. He did have chemotherapy (Xeloda, Camptosar and Avastin) but did not have radiation.

Has this happened to anyone else? Perhaps his hearing problem is simply the result of growing older, but I wonder about the coincidence of this development.



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    An Interesting Question

    I've heard from members of the board that this has happened to them, but will let them confirm this.

    I know several years back when I was in the hospital for my bowel resection, that I was on alot of pain medication, but went home and did not take any meds.

    One night I went to bed and when I awoke the next day, I had significant hearing loss in one of my ears, all kinds of sounds and garble...alot of ringing.

    I did alot of radiation and they initially attributed it to radiation damaging nerves, but don't see how hitting me in the lower region of my body counts for my hearking loss.

    Other opinions was that it was the medicines I was taking at the hospital for pain.

    ENT's told me I had tinnuitis and said maybe Meneire's Disease, which is progressive hearing loss...it attacks in cycles taking away part of your hearing each time until you go totally deaf in the ear it attacks...there is no cure currently.

    Also with the onset of this ear problem, I developed VERTIGO and would get spells of dizziness that would incapacitate me, room spinning, extreme nausea and drenching sweat...just had to lay down and close my eyes and let it ride itself out.

    Both problems started when I got out of the hospital - I never had an issue before that.

    This probably does not help you, but like everything is from my experience.

    And chemo could have made my hearing worse, but I lost 50% right off the top, so it's hard to notice....some days I could hear nothing in that ear and other days, I heard clearly but not at low levels.

    I don't know...I'm very interested in finding out though what you find out and report.

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    Hi Hatshepsut,
    I've never had trouble with hearing but I've had trouble with my eyesight from chemo. Somehow I would not be real surprised though if the chemo may have affected his hearing a bit not to mention the age factor. Does it affect his daily life at all or is it more annoying at this point?
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    yes it did
    I just go back from the hearing aid store. They had to adjust my hearing aid about 5%.
    I don't know if it from chemo but I have been at the same hearing lose for 15 years.
    Just Happy to be hear!