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recently diagnosed with renal kidney cancer

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I am terrified of the word cancer. Mine was accidentally found and now have had biopsey to find out it is renal cell. Now I have to wait till Nov 12 for surgery. The tumor is about 2 inches and I had no symptons. I also have fibromyalgia so my whole back always hurts. I feel like I've been handed a death sentence. I don't know about stage as doctor says won't know until it comes out. I am going to a cancer hospital. Pleas somebody talk to me. I don't know how not to feel so messed up.

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If you read many of the posts made over the course of the past few months, and follow the threads/comments, you'll find that just about all of us had the cancer found while checking out another symptom. For me, it was the mets to liver and a congenital gall bladder defect that created problems. But I never had any-emphasis on any-of the regular symptoms of RCC. And yes, we were all scared _____less by the word cancer. The time frame of wait for surgery is about standard, especially if the surgeon is a specialist. I had to wait for both a urologic surgical oncologist and a thoracic surgical oncologist to coordinate. And since it is a teaching hospital, I'm sure I had many other sets of eyes in the peanut gallery watching them work.
My primary renal tumor was twice as large as yours (have to brag about something), and everything came out OK. Go read my response to sylvan51's first post and I won't repeat everything here.
DO NOT GIVE UP. You have room for hope and a positive attitude will take you a long distance into the future. Use your time to get ducks and paperwork in a row. Try to finish little projects. Take self hypnosis sessions. I did and it used the techniques to be much more relaxed before I went into surgery.
I need to get going onto something else right now. But keep in touch. I may have other tricks up my sleeves. But not today...it's hot here on the Oregon coast.

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Hi, Ladieviolet,

I couldnt believe that I got cancer too after my regular body checkup (coz i dont smoke, sedom drink), my family members dont have any cancer b4 but when I read more on the net, i found out that i m not alone, It will just happen to anyone and the only way to fight with it is to stay positive, dont be stressed ( well, it is easy to say but at least try)

Talk to your family or friends and good luck

and we can ask your doctor what other tests u can do b4 the surgery


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Hi! I know exactly how you feel, been there done this! I want you to know that the word, "CANCER" is not always a death sentence. If so then I would not be here. I know the feeling of being scared, I was and nothing anyone said would help. I lost my left kidney to RCC and I am still here, 11 years later!!! I also have a lot of back problems but from other reasons. Listen, you just do as the Doctors say and you will be fine. There are many of us out here who will listen and talk about what ever you want. You can share your feelings because we have probably been there too! My pastor just had his right kidney removed from RCC, he is doing great! I will be here if you need. I will start coming here once a day to see if you need anything. Please don't hesitate, if you need to talk, we will talk. Take care and know that you will be in my prayers.


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would like to talk to you, but to much for this post. Please e-mail me at your earliest convineance. lucy.andres@sbcglobal.net

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Looking for Ladieviolet -- are you still on this forum?



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Hello Ladieviolet,

I hope you are still on here, I would like to talk with someone who has similar health conditions to my own--fibromyalgia and a diagnosis last summer of RCC.  Partial nephrectomy done in November and would like to chat about recovery--6 months post-op.


Happy Mother's Day to all!


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Boolea, she hasn't been online again for more than 3 years, so I fear you're going to be unlucky.

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