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I am dancing with NED!

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Thank you all for your prayers! I got my results from my bloodwork and scan at MD Anderson - ALL CLEAR!!! I feel like I can take on the world right now! My liver even grew back great...or as the doctor said, I have a 'very attractive liver'! And they said by looking at my bloodwork you couldn't really tell I went through a year of hell.

So here is my advice to all the Stage IV's....DO NOT GIVE UP AND FIGHT LIKE HELL!!! I had stage IV because it metastisized to the liver. I know I am not completely in the clear and will have to be watched very closely for many years, but to be told I am NED, go enjoy your life is an amazing feeling.

Thank you all again!!!



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How great is that?

Congratulations. I hope you have a great celebration---sleep, peace and a bit of champagne.


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You have given me hope as well, thanks for the post, so glad to hear you are NED, I also am Stage 4 because it metastasized to my liver, and feel like there is no hope for diseased livers, and the most they can do it just chemo on it, I hope to be operable one day, my doctor said the tumors have vastly shrunken, so that is good, encouraging news for me, and hope they keep on shrinking!

Get out and party girl!! the naked dance is waiting for you :) Congratulations, and hope you stay NED for many years to come~


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I am home from my 8th treatment and feeling crappy...this post brought tears to my eyes, you give me hope. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! this is sooo awesome to hear, go celebrate and I pray for great results from here on. I hope I can join you one day soon. God Bless you Linda, Patti

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I am dancing here in my kitchen for you (fully clothed...we have patio doors!!!). Go and give that gorgeous little girl of yours hundreds of hugs and kisses. Here's to many many more years of clean scans!!


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Great news i'm so happy for you.
Stories like this give us all hope.
Good luck and enjoy life.
Just happy to be here

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i have been having a pretty bad week just feeling really down. so when i read your post it gave me so much hope and i am so happy for you. thanks

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********BIG GRIN GOING ON HERE*************WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO !!!!!{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Fight for my love
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Dear Linda,what a great news!Life is good.Congratulations.Hugsss.

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Thanks for making me smile!! As soon as I saw your post a had a huge smile on my face. Wonderful news! Enjoy, enjoy!!


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Congratulations Linda!!!

The best of news and you have touched many Stage IV's this evening :)

Lovely news for a lovely lady - love your pic, very pretty.

I missed you by that much - well 260 miles or so give or take...see you next time if you make it through here again.

Take Care

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Congrats Linda,

It has been a long road to here. I'm very happy for you.

Rob; in Van

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I am so glad, I am New, stage IV so i hope to be where you are some time soon
Go out and Live life like you have been reborn.

Hugs Winney

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So happy to hear your good news. Will continue to pray for you. Answered prayer for sure. Yeah, Awesome, go girl, whoopie. Encouraging for everyone of us.

Be Blessed,

Debbie (gramma)

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Hi Linda, What a smile on my face right now!!! We ALL love to hear someone is NED!!! I'm sure it's been a rough road for you and your family. Now is the time to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!
Great Job!! Keep in touch with us!

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Wow!!! These Ned Dancing with NED are the best,thank you for giving so much needed hope to so many Stage IV.

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What great news this is! Thanks for sharing. I too have mets to the liver, so your story hits home. Enjoy your NED status and dance dance dance.


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NED and Linda sitting in a tree....K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

That is wonderful news!

Here's to many more years hanging with NED!

peace, emily

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That is wonderful news enjoy your self.


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Nana b
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I hear ya, I heard the great news today too, NED....Stage 4 also, live mets. Not to steal your thunder! Go get them guys!

I'm dancing with you!

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linda ...that is such fantastic news....I know what you mean about out of the woods....not.
but it is so wonderful for today and I hope we can give others hope.////stage 4 livers ned

love, mags

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That is great news,that's proof of what you can do by never giving up.I wish you many years of NED.

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I am so happy for you. I'm glad that all you have been through has brought you where you are. You should be dancing. Glad you had a safe trip too.


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Thanks for all of your support. I can't stop smiling today. And Nana b - I am so happy for you too!
I know being stage 4 I will have to be watched closely but to be done with chemo and being told I was NED is like winning the lottery. And for every stage diagnosed with this beast - JUST DON'T GIVE UP OR GIVE INTO IT!!!
There were a few times (right after surgeries or on a bad chemo day) I asked my my husband what is the point of continueing like this....so everyone has their bad days. But I keep visualizing myself healthy and happy. And I keep telling myself I am healthy and cancer free. I figure if you can worry yourself sick, then you can will yourself healthy!!
Plus my 5 year old swears she wants twins....I gotta be around to help her!

Now I can start juicing and start an exercise program and really getting into shape. Everytime I started before the chemo round would knock me back down.

Thanks again for all your support!

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Yea! Fantastic news. congratulations

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