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Okay the path report is back. Could've been better, could've been worse. But before I post it you guys have to promise no hang dog looks and condolences. EVERY DAY IS A BONUS.

The Dr. said that based on my report I have a 7%-9% chance of having to deal with cancer in 10 years. I told him that I have 91%-93% chance that I won't. Tell me I have 10 years and I will kiss you on the lips. 10 years means I won't leave my wife behind. It's all relative. Her cancer is not curable. If she stops taking her maintenance drugs her numbers come back with the force and fury of a 1000 mad mess-cooks at a hot dog rally. (Yes I was in the Navy too David, SC). Her cancer and treatments have weakened her immune system, her organs and her bones. Comparatively my cancer is a piece of cake walk in the park.

I am not for one second minimizing PCa, you guys know me better than that. But my wife is my hero, she is the fighter and I just need to be here to support and help her.

Okay enough, enough.

Gleason score Pre-Op 3+4=7 Post Op 4+3=7

Tumor volume = 12.5%

Prostatectomy Margins = focally positive for invasive carcinoma right posterior (mid-level) close to base

Invasion of Seminal Vesicle = absent

Angiolymphatic Invasion = absent

Venous Invasion = absent

Perineural Invasion= present

Right Internal lymph node resection =reveals zero

Left Internal iliac lymph node = reveals zero

General Appearance 30.07 grams

Dr. said that my tumor was small, the problem lies in the fact that I had a small prostate and there was no room for the cancer to grow and stay inside the little Walnut B*ST*RD.

So there you have it. It is what it is. I'll get tested vigorously, watch the numbers and deal with any return at the time that it does, IF IT DOES. But I promise you that I will not lose a minute of sleep worrying over it and I will not waste a day of living life to it's fullest. At least that's my story for now and I'm sticking to it.


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Hi again its Nick here and I love the attitude you present and I am still keeping you and your wife in my prayers. Who knows what advances will be made in 10 years or even 3. Good attitude really helps and wish you all the best ...Nick

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Just goes as you said to show what a B*ST*RD this disease is. THough you have the right attitude to live long and prosper. My path report switched from 4+3 7 to 3+ 4 7. Just keep the PSA checks and we can beat it.

Have a save trip home tomorrow. I'll be passing you in the air as I fly up to NYC for the cruise.


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Good Attitude Sonny....keep it up.....Larry on his way to go cruising....I got back my 3 month PSA today....still less than 0.1...so everything is still good....undetectable.....I like that....so We will be on our way back to Hawaii end of Oct thru Nov for a 2 week vacation.....again...lol....gotta take it easy...right..... still having trouble with good ol incontinence....fine when not at work, but work is a killer....can't lift a motor without wetting my pad....so till whenever....I will just have to deal with it.....sucks....

hopeful and opt...
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There is a molecular test that is now available......it is put out by a company called Aureon Laboratories.....Basically they get the parafin blocks from the biopsy that you took, look for bad tumor markings, those that are more aggressive and likely to grow. (however there is a low specificity in finding these tumors). Anyway they take this info, combine it with other info. gleason score, psa score, number of positive cores, age, etc, etc., do a mathematical analysis and compare with the results of appr. 1000 men who have had radical prostectemy and have been tracked for 8 years. This test shows the probability of your disease progressing in that time frame.........not the greatest test, but another piece of information that I find to be useful. I took the test........mine is 97 chance that my disease will not progress in 8 years which confirms my treatment option........active surveillance


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Your are right, this little thing is a real B*ST*RD. My family physician said that when he meets his maker, the 1st thing he's going to ask him why he put this little 'B*ST*RD' where he did, surrounded & intersected by so many important nerves, etc. He has a strange sense of humor.

As you also said, there is a 91% - 93% chance that it WILL NOT return. I'll take those odds at almost any casino. Of course, this is the game of life we are playing here. Thanks for the path report info. I will certainly be able to talk with my surgeon a bit more intelligently when I see him tomorrow am & have my catheter taken out. I guess the devil is still in the details.

I wish you & your wife all the very best. As Nick said, who knows what advances in the field of medicine they will make in the next few years. My thoughts & prayers are with both you & your wife.


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I sure wish we could meet you sometime. Your uplifting attitude and gratitude for what you have right now amazes us. I know you aren't particularly pleased with the path report. Mine was similar to yours, and it still troubles us, but like you Sonny, we chose to move on and enjoy these precious days. Yesterday we both saddled up the colts and rode through the pines and firs, and enjoyed the time together like we haven't in months.
In addition, Jeannie and I wanted to thank you for the information that you provided us on the book "Making Love Again". We purchased it, began reading it together and like you, it is amazing, and we related to so much of what the authors have written. We have laughed and cried while reading it, and it has been so very therapeutic for us both.We will continue to recommend it to all other guys that have to go through the hell of dealing with PC.
We hope your return trip home to Orlando is good, and that you will continue to heal and cherish your family and each day that you get to spend with them, and our wish is that it will be many, many days, weeks,months and years. You keep in touch !

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Hello my fellow PCa Brothers,

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in the land of the Mouse. It has been a really nice 2 days since I got back from Detroit. Don't know that my own bed ever felt so good. Now if I could just train my dog to the new and relaxed me that would like to stay in it a little later each day. However he has his own schedule to keep and the morning pee and breakfast are the high point of his morning too.

I would like to thank all for the very supportive words of blessing and comfort.

Nick, I am glad things are progressing along nicely for you too. Been following your updates.

Larry I know is right now on a cruise to attend his sons wedding. Thanks for the support.

Jim congratulations on your continued membership of the Zero Club. May you be blessed with a free and very long life time membership. You have already paid your dues up front.

Ira, thanks for the info about the test. I will look into in a few days. Right now I am going to back away from PCa research. It has been a heck of a summer with me and my wife and right now I feel a little mental down time is just what the Dr. ordered.

Marshall, I just read the details of your surgery on your post. I am glad that things are getting better by the day. I pray they become more tolerable as the hours pass.

Doppler, as always your words bring me warmth and cheer. I am so glad that you and your wife found the book to your liking. I know that when I recommended it was in reply to your post about an upcoming visit to the Dr. I recall shots, 24th anniversary, and your wife not going. Has that appt come up yet? I too would like to meet you and your lovely wife in person one day.

I would like to meet all of you. You have been staunch supporters throughout my journey down this path and I would like to shake all of your hands in person.

So take a minute and let me know where you live. I know Larry lives in TN and another I have met here is in SC. I plan to make a trip that way soon and see each of them in person.

My wife and I plan to travel some and I would like to plan the trips to be able to meet my new found friends along the way.

My Dr. gave me the choice for my 4 month check-up. I could come to Detroit in January or meet up with he and his staff in Las Vegas in January at the International Robotics Symposium that he hosts. Seems as though it happens every year in January and he invites his patients to attend. He reserves 2 days with all of the facilities he needs to do follow ups. He hosts a gala and dinner for all his patients and invites them to participate in round table discussions with the Dr.s and companies in attendance.

My wife and I plan to attend. We are going to drive out. Make it a 2-3 or 4 weeks trip and see some of this beautiful country. Knowing where you all live would be nice to plan a few side trips.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

See you soon,


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My wife and I love Vegas....but spend so much time in the Islands we have not been there in awhile....maybe we could all get together there sometime in this near future....we are in So Cal......keep with the positive thoughts...
Jim ( Big Ugly Biker)

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