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Does anyone get period after chemo?

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I've had 2 rounds of chemo and get my period 2-3 days after. Whats up with that???
I thought you were suppose to be put into menopause when you having chemo?

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Hi, Sunshine, my period has not come back, and it has been 5 months since chemo. I am 49, but was still having regular periods before chemo. I just had my annual gyno exam; the GYN told me that my period could still return. If it does, he said, please call. There is some chance of excessive bleeding, so he will want to know asap.

I haven't heard of a period occurring during chemo, and I myself would report it to my oncologist. But, you may hear from others who did get a period during chemo. It is a bummer, I'm sure; however, if you avoid hot flashes, it will be worth it!

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I had an extra period after my first chemo and am about ready to have another. Some women's stop for the time being, some go into menopause, but nooooo I get extra. Good luck with the rest of chemo.

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Oh, Slurpee -- I really need to stop all my bitching about how I still have to shave my legs while on chemo -- getting an extra period is WAY worse! Where is the justice, I ask??


New Flower
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I got my last period 2 days after my first Chemo. never since for the next 12 months. I was 46.
May be you have better luck. Induced menopause is horrible (we had discussion earlier, see posts).
Good luck the the rest of your Chemo

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I have the onset of menopause .. not a fun adventure at all. I wish I would have a period, as I am climbing the walls.


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Hey Sunshine, I was diagnosed at 48 and still had a regular cycle. Before starting chemo my oncologist told me I would most likely go into menopause during treatment. Well, I had my period all the way to the last infusion and then voila, it was gone. Haven't had another one since and that was 2 years ago. It may take a little while longer for the ovaries to stop functioning and you could go into abrupt menopause, or a temporary halt and then start up again. A lot depends on your age and whether you were premenopausal before you started your treatments. Hugs, Lili

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I had one period about 2 weeks after starting chemo and none since... I am 36... no one can answer the question if it will come back or not...

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Chemo does kill all fast producing cells in the body, and your egg is one of them. Sometimes it takes longer than a few weeks for this to happen. I had a period about 4 weeks after the start of chemo, and never again. As we all react differently to chemo, this will also be different for each of us.
Since I was 50 when I started chemo, it is the assumption that I would be thrown into menopause, and I was, but I would call it being slammed. Younger women may regain the ability to produce eggs again, but that also differs with each person. Good luck in the rest of your chemo sessions!

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that's interesting about the egg being a fast multiplying cell-never knew that!

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My periods stopped after my second teatment. Just a few months after chemo ended my periods did start up again. I was 41 at the time.

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I started my chemo treatment 3/10 same day as period then another one 4/2 and again on 4/19 and nothing since.

My oncologist told me that 1/3 of the ladies will continue to have their periods, 1/3 will stop and then their period can come back up to a year, and 1/3 never get theirs back.

I hope I am one of those where mine never comes back--I don't want to go through menopause again--chemo induce is enough for anyone.


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