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another ENT appointment today

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I'm getting ready to head out for my second visit to the ent He says that he will probably scope me this time since my sensation of a lump and intermittent sore throat is still here after another month or so. Again , I am frightened enough that I could puke. Fear is an awful sensation too. But, I must deal with this and don't know how if its bad news, just the idea of waiting for test results makes me think I can't handle this stress. I know I sound ridiculous to those of you who have been down this road much further and have come out the other side. Thank you, though, for listening to me. It helps just to put it into words. Hopefully I will have a better idea if this is something to keep worrying about or not. Any helpful suggestions out there. I wonder why I am this scared. Has anyone else had this same sensation of a constant lump on one side of throat and a feeling of food getting stuck on occasion? Thanks again for reading this Jen

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Hey Jen,

I am a caregiver but I too felt a lot of fear and I know my husband did. He had a lump on his right side that was a tumor. He went through all the stages, Fear, Anger, Depression and then he accepted the treatment and is now recovering. It certainly is normal to be afraid and be scared, but no matter what, you will be okay. Peace, Donna

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