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Headed back to MD Anderson this weekend

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Betty in Vegas
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Next week Layne will undergo all his tests for restaging. We will see alllllll our doctors. We are excited and terrified all at the same time. Our doctors believe that Layne will do well, but you never know with EC.

We believe the Lord is doing some big things. Please keep us in prayer. We are so busy getting ready I am not sure I'll get time to post again before we leave. Our carepage is easy to find, just type in "ourjourneyinhishands" in the carepages search section.

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Hi Betty,

I hope you get this before you leave, If not you will see it later just know that my prayers are with you both!!!!!

May God Bless and Keep you

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Betty in Vegas
Posts: 311
Joined: Jul 2009

We appreciate the prayers. We have worked hard to get our little business operating smoothly for when we are gone, and to increase the bottom line so we have income ...did I mention that while we were in proton therapy his boss decided to close the company down...though the bank was backing him? He got tired of doing it "alone" ...we think he assumed Layne would never come back after reading about EC... so Layne lost his position, which was a blow to us, obviously. It took not just the income, but also the insurance.

So we transferred our insurance to our small business that is barely on its feet, and worked all month to get that business in solvency (it's only a year old) and bringing in the income we need to survive--and getting the kids into their homeschooling and such. Wow. So we are now ready to focus only on beating this cancer into submission.

We are excited, but terrified--if you know what I mean. And we appreciate the support from everyone. It is awesome every time I see good news here, and uplifting posts. I think that there are strides being made against the beast, and the more who say "I am going to fight" the further the strides go...the more the doctors learn, and the fewer who will die from the effects of this monster.

Blessings to each of you:)

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